November 08, 2022, Part 2: The Howling

Thanks to our friends, Doris and Kevin, we know about “Howling at the moon”                     A Yuma event that takes place during a full moon.  It’s a well attended event, not sure how all these people know about it.  We’ve not seen it advertised anywhere.  They do have a FB page that we only know about thanks to D&KDinner = Texas Twinkie (Texas Twinkies start as a hollowed-out jumbo jalapeño, stuffed with chopped brisket and cream cheese then wrapped in bacon)

Live entertainment was, entertaining 🙂 

Up close & personalGot us some new garb!

Getting darker 

We were amazed at how quickly the moon rose!  Let the howling begin click here  IMG_7883

And it’s up!!

Such a fun, different night

Back to the hot tub and the moon is totally high 🙂


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