November 09 & 10

Life ain’t fair, thought we’d come West as it would be warmer.

So far, the jokes on us! 

Then there is this:  Kelowna snow days: 2   Newmarket: 0

Nov 10th – Wake up to  top 2 are Bailey’s basement,                                    bottom one is inside.  A little nippy!

Nippy cause our heat isn’t working

And more snow…

The shoveller is not amused!

The park sends Dave in 007 to check our electric post.

Dave replaces everything he can and still we pop.  He’s done all he can, we now have to get an RV electrician – if the problem ends up being at the post the park will pay, if not we do.  Taking guesses on who’s issue this will end up being.  Allan hooks us up to 30amp for now.

High tailing it down South is sounding better and better.

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