November 09, 2022, A day I’m anxious to forget

9a:  In rolls Pirate Mobile RV, again.  Already have 5 hours (over 2 days) into this repair.

  Will they figure it out today?

110p:  Did Travis faint cause even he can’t believe that at 110, 4+hours in (for a so far total of 9+)  they still can’t figure it out201p:  Is Russell praying to the “Mighty RV Repair Master?”

Cause now, not only are the old issues not resolved they managed to short the 12v line meaning we have no lights.

345p:  Lights back on!  They had to bypass a relay they blew up, their words.  Not sure how good that is for Bailey but we just want them gone, we missed an appointment and were stuck here all day.  Not having fun!  Did walk the park, several times, to get our steps and hoping these clowns would figure it out.

405p:  Miraculous, after jerking us around all day, the chairs swivel,

the awnings go out, we think.   Russell wanted to sell us a controller, we put that on hold. It’s  very windy today so don’t want to send the awnings all the way out, that may create another problem.

$1,728.98 please which includes a credit card swipe service fee of 2.78% which they didn’t tell us about when we asked what they accepted as payment and a 5h no charge discount.

Relieved the day is over and of course we’re re-hashing it all, but at least doing so in the hot tub!

Hope y’all had a more funner day!

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