November 26 – Lake Country

We take the rail trail to Lake Country.  Along the way we spot.

Errands complete, including putting a firepit on hold for pick up with Bob, we find ourselves at Woody’s.  Lotto pull tabs are popular here.  Ren, the bartender, guarantees if we buy $10 worth we will win.  Let’s give it a try.  Allan divvies up the tickets   

            Ren was correct!  We did win some 💲

Walk home, pick up Bob, get our new propane firepit.  Oh  how we long for a real fire.  For now…

The inaugural lighting 

Away it goes, Allan and the PIT!! and me Firepit

My fire god!

Heading to the Kelowna Airport a mere 10 minutes from here.

Not only my fire god, also my toque wearing chef!  Allan wears so many hats

A bit of covid humour

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