Oct 19 in Victoria, find docs

Meet Molly, this is Melonie, Megan’s sister’s sweetie.  Melonie and Molly are staying with Megan while Kyle is deployed.  So many ““s


Finding the paperwork we need was surprisingly painless.  We now have the balance of the day to map out tomorrow’s campground visits and of course we must head to Big Bad John’s for a pint.  We were going to walk around Victoria but it’s a gloomy, windy day so cut it short and just walk around the block.

Heading back to keep Molly company. 

It’s nice to have a quiet, uneventful day for a change 🙂


2 thoughts on “Oct 19 in Victoria, find docs”

    1. Working hard to get caught up on posts.

      Whoops, did not know Molly needed a human, she won’t fool us next time!! 🙂

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