On the road, again :) May 03/2022 to Hope

Goodbye to Nanaimo, Ladysmith, Rondalyn

Hello travel our old friend!

Waiting for the ferry to whisk us off the Island

Our whisker arrives.

Sad the kids won’t be close. 🙁

Many ships including a tug, tugging train cars

This is the “Silver Muse” as seen from the ferry

This is Jack Point, we hiked all around this on Feb 07th ..https://www.facebook.com/profile/560297692/search/?q=jack

Had a fun ferry trip. Had breakfast on board “Coastal Bennies” then found a corner to call our own to play cards

Back on land heading to Hope we hear what sounds like a gun shot or a rock hitting us. We see no evidence, something to check out when we stop.

Fuel stop. What do our eyes behold, F)&k

Oh well, what can you do except curse “F)&k dump trucks” See the mountain in the reflection

Our home for the next few days, Coquihalla Campground Site 59

May 4th – Explore Hope Day… We are closer to downtown than we knew which is fun.

A little cloudy and the Coquihalla River, steps from our site

First stop on our walking tour Canyon Glass to show them photos of our owie

Size wise it may be OK to just repair the chip, (chip has to be smaller than a loonie), but the spider cracks make it not doable. How now to arrange a windshield replacement?

Enough of this thinking stuff, off we go to explore Hope. It’s a cute little, sleepy town with lots of wood carvings, here’s a sampling

Not sure why they have a carving of Rambo…Fast forward to tomorrow when, on our walk we figure it out. Interesting 🙂

Our walk took us past Rolly’s Restaurant. BC’ers will remember how often they were in the news for their stance against vaccines, masks, etc. No, we didn’t enter.

We get in a much needed, FIRE!! The fire pit in our last Rondalyn visit was too tall to enjoy a fire

Finish the day with eating our 2nd to last made in Nanaimo, Nanaimo bar.. Delicious

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