Our 25th Anniversary 12/29

We would have never thought 25 years later we would be living our dream mostly because we didn’t know this would be our dream 🙂  Looking back it’s astounding how things change.  I shall spare you and move on… Spent the day wandering around, these make us feel safe

 Some of the sites, I love NOLA!

Every province/state has some strange laws.  Louisiana’s, IMO, is if there are 2 or more people buying a bottle of hooch everyone must present ID and be over 21.  If you are flying solo, then only you must be over 21.  Logic??? I don’t know.

We search for a great 25th dinner restaurant and settle on Italian Barrel It does not disappoint.  My dinner, Pesto Scampi (love the lemon condom), Allan’s Chicken Parm

​Mossy on back and encounter another street musician.  These kids are talented, STOMP originals..

We see this catastrophe on all our outings, this time we walk closer to it, what happened here?  Hard Rock New Orleans, sad story!

We head back to the RV park.  Last night here, Bailey is sleeping

Travel day tomorrow.

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