Packing up…

Saturday is pack up Bailey day.  Kyle was such great help drawing on his pack a ship experience.  We were done in about 4 hours.

Allan and Kyle de-winterized  Bailey.

We left Newmarket at 1:40pm and did our first diesel fill in Vaughn.  Destination Sarnia

Traffic in and around the GTA was horrendous so we didn’t arrive at the Sarnia border till closer to 6.

We decided to cross into the States. Customs was so easy with no delays.

We are now in search of our first Walmart parking lot for the overnight,   Lapeer MI we are here. Can’t believe we didn’t take a photo.   This is when we discovered the water does not work.   So much to learn, too many switches, fuses, breakers.  Will investigate tomorrow in daylight, but we all know Allan he has to try to RTFM.

We found a Mexican restaurant, Pueblo Viejo delicious, ever in the neighbour a must go!

Back to Bailey, after a glass or 2 of wine and Allan’s Rickard’s Red in front of our roaring fire It’s off to bed about midnight.


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