Thursday, May 14

It was a fun week in Lebanon and we learned more about Bailey. 

Allan lost the little Apple controller in the couch.  While searching Allan finds a handle we didn’t know existed.  Look further and discovered the way we thought the spare bed worked was not right – this way may be more comfy.                      Scooch up! 

Walk around the park.  Photo opp.  Slide back in the chair!  No thanks, too wet.         Sights around the park. 

Another of the must return to towns to actual do stuff.  Super easy to walk to town. 

Attached to our end of the park is the City of Lebanon Cemetery.  I did earlier in the week, ask Allan if he wanted to walk it but he didn’t. Our neighbour said it was a nice, peaceful walk to town so we did it and he was right.  We walked to the Lebanon Historic Train Station. A little disappointing but likely more fun when you can partake.

Fires permitted is always a huge plus, hum working on it


Retracted the door as much as we could, with me assisting.  Next life I want to       be she-woman      Fingers crossed!

Stay turned, next stop === Here??  cause the slide doesn’t retract??? Dinner a La Allan . super delicious                               

Asked what is this?  A stuffed red pepper, caesar salad & corn. 

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom Not a day goes by that we don’t have a conversation.  Miss you as much today as the day you left us. I know you are happy Allan got his air brakes. You no longer would have to make the “phuss” sound but we still hear you doing it. 

Explore the park day. Our site 514 

Kyle and Megan call; have a great chat.  Chat so much we run out of park to walk in so head to the road.  Not many places we’ve stayed have sidewalk access, we do here. Decide to walk to town because although it was dreary, the Son brings out the Sun. Got a chuckle from this store front sign.   Make it to Historic Lebanon.            The Black Horse Tavern is part of the larger Golden Lamb.  The building takes up almost a block and has an interesting history.  Sad but glad the streets are empty. 

I’m sure this would be a fun town to explore; add this to our re-do list. More cities should have a DORA  

Back home, in the warm sunshine, have a bevvy outside – clear skies but windy.  Within minutes weather changes to Trees just a swaying  Windy

We’ll @DoorDash for dinner, Chinese it is!! Having a great Mother’s Day!Notice it’s so much lighter out?!

Our newest issue (cause there always has to be one!)  The big, much too heavy for me, pocket door that separates the living and bedroom doesn’t slide. It’s been getting harder and harder to move.  Now it doesn’t want to move at all.  We must get it back or we will not be able to retract the slide = not driving anywhere. 

Signs of the time:  1.8 million the number of pay-TV subscribers lost in Q1, the sector’s worst quarter on record, per MoffettNathanson. Why more cord-cutting than usual?

A) no live sports and b) commercial customers like bars and hotels have paused service.


Saturday, May 09 – Travel Day

On the road again!  Today we are heading to the Lebanon KOA leave at 830a;  64,798kDrive is 5-1/2h.  It will take longer, because, after our 14 days in Fancy Gap with access to nothing, we’re going to stop at Kroger’s to restock, then get fuel. 

Allan is not a fan of tunnels, and here we are quickly approaching one

It’s a nice drive through the mountains.       

Nice, unless of course you are a trucker who’s brakes fail!

Steep runoff ramp…       

Allan, don’t look now!   Another one!!   

We’re now in

We pass several sets of 3 crosses.               

What is the significance, my friend, Google educates me.

Slow down, we don’t want to be tipsy 

Yippy tolls, haven’t been through one in a bit.  Luckily they take the E-Z Pass transponder we have.

What’s that?  A railway bridge.         

               Woohoo !!

Another toll.  Total toll count: 3; cost $18

These purple flower trees, look like lilacs, line the highway. Hard to get a good photo, this doesn’t do it justice.

Love the lush, greenery                 

Heading into Dunbar, WV for groceries.  I thought it was close to the highway,  not so much.

Groceries bought, on the road again.  Oh good, a 2 lane highway for how many miles??

   Ohio, made it!                         

Construction, we are on the right route. 

Made it to the #KOACamping after driving through Historic Lebanon and some narrow streets.  Arrived at 430.

Longest drive to our site, the park is not that big!

This police car  isn’t singling us out. 🙂

Keep going and going

Made it!

Set up, social distancing !!                     

Dinner then a fire.  As my friend, Eva would say… Life is good!


Friday, May 08 day before travel day

Goodbye to Fancy Gap KOA  Recap of our 14 quarantine days.

We have the best site!  #24 So easy to social distance. I’m a little concerned about back to normal life.

This is the hay ride tractor, hopefully it will be operational again!

We arrived here on the 25th, on April 27 we look outside and see the police parked in front of Bailey.  He’s not leaving, wonder why?  Is he plating us to ensure we don’t leave before the 14th day.  Would there be a nation wide Bailey hunt if we do?  Do we ask?  We’re still in our jammies, better not.

We are missing Florida weather.  Sad when Newmarket is warmer than here.  Lebanon is our next stop.

We buy some firewood, cause by now, ya’ll know we LOVE fires.  Hum, the wood is damp so doesn’t burn well.  We’ll Amazon us an ax!  So happy when it arrives.

Allan in action  Chop, Chop

After the chop chop Allan chiseled the ice out of the freezer.  Fingers crossed it doesn’t break before we make it back.     Relax time! AKA beer time!!  When space is a premium where to you store your beer??

Before and after ax fires…

Look up                     

Lets go twigging to get some more kindling.  Who is that “Twigger” in the background??                                             Never a dull moment! Look at us getting our steps and passing time.  A different experience every day!!  Try it!!!

The owners, Angie & Dave are very  nice and helpful people who make a killer shredded pork and brisket sandwich.  Gone to quick for a photo.

There are cute statues, spinners, flags throughout the park.  Also a “find the bear flag and metal art sheep” game.

Confess, we did have a little help finding them.

Bailey’s white roof, do not get to see it often.  In fact only once before.  We were interested to hear Warren Buffet speak.  No further comment.

Good night, travel day tomorrow.  For all you travelers, we highly recommend Fancy Gap KOA!!

Saturday, Travel Day

Today’s destination Fancy Gap, VA.  It is a short, easy drive so decide to leave about 11, km 64,565.  Bye bye, Fort Mills.  The day started off sunny and warm, by the time we pull out it is starting to sprinkle.

Only a few miles to North Carolina       

There are more cars on the road then we expected

Welcome to Virginia       

Rain continues.  Good thing Allan applied the Rain.X, it makes the rain just rolls off the windshield.

It only gets better, NOT…   Fog is rolling in.

Almost miss the exit

The road into Fancy Gap KOA

Made it!

Our spot is a little uneven, a few attempts at leveling does it. So far, we’re liking it here.  Not many others here and Allan has a fire pit, unlike the last place – just make your fire anywhere.

IndyCar iRacing and snack time,any guesses what’s on top of the popcorn?

Hum, forecast not that favourable but we’ll have fun

Friday, April 24

I’m doomed to not sleep in!  Yesterday garbage bin pick up, today my iPad alarm went off at 435a.  I have never used the alarm on my iPad.

Today’s exciting day!  Aldi food delivery! We have been adding items to the order since we started it last week.  We leave here tomorrow and will be quarantined in the next camp for 14 days.  Suits us fine but don’t want to run out of stuff.  There are a few items Aldi doesn’t carry so I’ll go, with my new mask, to Publix.

I’m back in record time.  It is only a 2 minute (This is a stock photo, Allan didn’t take a photo when he met me today) we bring the buggy to Bailey then return it.                                                                   

Meet Diego our excellent Aldi shopper.

Our no contact drop off, he puts it on the picnic table.  We retrieve when he’s gone.   

We put stuff away, divided up the meat in meal size portions.  That took over an hour, we deserve it beer/wine time!

It rained most of the day yesterday streaking our windshield so Allan buffed that up.

Now walk time

We missed out on breakfast so decide to have dinner early.  I have a hankering for Chinese style beef.   My chef springs into action

I stubbed my toe, been icing it but still ouchy.  Suspect wine will cure.  Need a walk/hobble to get 1201 steps for my 10k today.

This is a new sign, were they getting complaints?  They made considerable progress since we arrived on the 18th

A few others arrived, still pretty empty.They do not appear to take social distancing very seriously.  When we arrived we called ahead to ask for “no contact” check in.  It sounded like we were the first to ask.  We now think they think we are “virused” because they haven’t put anyone next to us.   Yahoo for us!!!

Our last fire here               

Off to Fancy Gap in the morning.

Wednesday, April 22

Every day we have a job to do.  Today! Get the bugs off the front of Bailey and the windshield.

Our Amazon Prime order for masks that was supposed to arrive Sunday arrived today.  This is what 2 for $53.59 masks look like.        Allan thought I was crazy for paying so much, I did too but if it happens to save us or keeps us from eating  we may be good.

Out we go move the picnic table and begin. Some of those bugs just don’t want to go but it looks much better than when we started.

Now Windex the windshield and apply the rain.xHopefully with this application and the new wipers, we’ll we able to see next rainstorm.

Thursdays & Mondays are garbage pick up days.  Why am I sharing this information?  They come between 530 & 540AM.

This is how close the bin is to us                           

Guess what time I’ll wake up?


Saturday, April 18th Decision Day

We are scheduled to leave here on the 25th, where to go?   These are such nerve racking times.   We go for a walk to figure things out.

The park isn’t big, we decide to walk the subdivision  they are building. There are not many construction peeps working today.Do a 180 this is the RV park. 

Are they taking the virus seriously? No photo but I know you’ll believe me-nothing to wash up after using the port-a-potty.  But there is this, hand sanitizer on each side of the pole no where near the potty.

Productive walk, decision made, we will leave on Saturday.  States we go through North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania & New York.  Many of the camps we select, are Covid-19 closed or restricted.

With camp information overload  – we decide to stay here a week longer.  We do not want to be back in Ontario until our park opens.  We can stay but only until May 01 as they are fully booked. Good for them for filling all these empty spots.

Back to the planning board, we revamp the direction instead of heading north we’ll head a bit west.  Allan likes this new plan as one of the campgrounds he wanted to go back to is Camp Turkeyville.  It is on this route. We find a resort in Fancy Gap, Virginia.  But,       OK, we’ll stay the required 14 days.  Doesn’t matter where we stay as all our time is spent around Bailey or avoiding people when we go for walks.  Saturday a new adventure begins.

TP management!  This implemented..

Happy to report, one of these rolls lasts 7-8 days in the powder room.

Yes, I was impressed.             

Today’s excitement just doesn’t stop!

Amazon delivers our new crib board.  Such a tiny one, we didn’t realize it was half a game so you go around twice. 

Think we were still on the TP high, (so many days from one roll) and not thinking 

Guess who’s silver and won our first game??

End the day with a fire, second only to a hot tub.  Wonder when hot tubing will resume?

My next Amazon purchase       

Stay safe!

Friday, April 17, 2020

Have to share our exciting day!

Bailey’s new wipers arrived yesterday, thank you Wipers123, making today,  Installation Day!

The tools!                                                   The man!

Here we go

Allan comes in, seemingly only a few minutes after I took the last photo.  “What do you need” I ask.  “All done” is the reply.

Well that was 

Just hope the next rain we’ll be able to see out the windshield.