Monday November 5, 2018

Forgot to turn off our “go to work” alarm so are up early.¬† We both slept well so let’s get this day started.

Made coffee in Bailey for the first time ūüôā¬† while it is was¬†brewing Allan closes the slides or does he?¬† Nope it’s stuck open.¬† Panic??? A little.¬† A few moments of WTF and Allan uses the reset button and….¬† it closes. Whew RVing is so fun, never a boring moment.

Always wanted to visit Cuba…

We drove through lots of rain, will it never end? On the road for 3 days and rain each day. At least it kept the windshield clean.

Would you get fudge here??

Finally some sunshine

Todays trip from Eureka, MO¬†to Weatherford, OK was an 8 hour drive, much with heavy downpours.¬†Passed a 3 car accident that had just happened, OK we’ll slow down.

We’ve been overnighting at Walmarts so have a better appreciation for them.¬† We are surprised how¬†many others both RVers and rigs park in their lots.

Off to have dinner then some zzzsssss

HOPING the side closes in the morning.  Wish us good luck.

Night all!





Sunday 11/04/18 first full travel day.

Awake 6:30ish. I had a great sleep Allan not so much apparently there were several trains that I managed to sleep through. ¬†That’s totally backwards normally I hear everything and Allan sleeps and sleeps.

We’re pumped to get going but first our water issue (pumped water,get it) ¬†Check this, flip that, jiggle that, NO water. ¬†Oh well, lets hope the drive fixes it. We grab a McDonalds cafe and head out. Not sure what today’s destination will be.

Rain, rain go away between lots of traffic and rain and NO water.

Fuel stop

What’s that we see look closely

We stop at a rest stop to find this on the back of the stall door.  Means???

Drive on and the next time we stop we find out we are on Route 66 (sounds like we’re not to bright to not have known)

Approaching St. Louis MO please don’t let us make a wrong turn. Take the left fork, not that fork silly. Detour we ago…

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Packing up…

Saturday is pack up Bailey day.  Kyle was such great help drawing on his pack a ship experience.  We were done in about 4 hours.

Allan and Kyle de-winterized  Bailey.

We left Newmarket at 1:40pm and did our first diesel fill in Vaughn.  Destination Sarnia

Traffic in and around the GTA was horrendous so we didn’t arrive at the Sarnia border till closer to 6.

We decided to cross into the States. Customs was so easy with no delays.

We are now in search of our first Walmart parking lot for the overnight, ¬† Lapeer MI we are here. Can’t believe we didn’t take a photo. ¬† This is when we discovered the water does not work. ¬† So much to learn, too many switches, fuses, breakers. ¬†Will investigate tomorrow in daylight, but we all know Allan he has to try to RTFM.

We found a Mexican restaurant, Pueblo Viejo delicious, ever in the neighbour a must go!

Back to Bailey, after a glass or 2 of wine and Allan’s Rickard’s Red in front of our roaring fire It’s off to bed about midnight.


Bailey has joined the family :)

Operation pick up complete but not without some stress.  1-1/2 drive to pick up was good.  Ed trained us in the basics, lots and lots to learn.

Hiccup! The dealer winterized Bailey now we have to learn how to un-winterize.¬† For now we can’t use any form of water because its antifreeze.

Drive home, including Friday night traffic and rain = 3 hours. At least it was a comfortable ride.

Added our mascots to Bailey.

This is us!

Hi and Welcome to our “Bailey” blog!

Our travels so far:


Our names are Allan and Mary-Ann.

Koodos to Glenn Rodger Photography for the impromptu photo.


We both choose a driver at the beginning of the IndyCar season. The driver who finishes the race ahead of the other gets first place status on the dash, until the next race.

It has been our dream to travel.  More specially we are IndyCar racing mega fans; it is our goal to travel to every race.

First step done, Bailey has been purchased we are anxiously awaiting pickup on November 2, 2018.

Bailey at South Padre Island