Thursday, June 27, 2019

Finally! Bailey pick up day! Sicards claim the repairs are all complete. We doubt it but are so anxious to get Bailey to the park.

Uber picks us up at 6am. It’s amazing how we normally get their worst drivers. This guy thought it was appropriate to drive at or below the speed limit in the fast lane.  While crossing the Burlington Skyway Bridge a pissed off driver decided he should let the Uber know the error of his way and cut us off so close we thought this was it.

Now at Sicards and of course everything is not done. To avoid another meltdown, I won’t recount the issues but we didn’t leave until 12:45 with still not everything done, 53267km.

We head to Newmarket through all the traffic, traffic, traffic…

Make it to Newmarket to load Bailey up, get fuel. Side story:  I’m parked off to the side in my vehicle waiting for Allan to fuel and decide to take a photo of Bailey.  The black tow truck had just pulled in to wait at the side for his next tow.  He sees me taking the photo and pulls up to me and asks “Why are you taking my picture?” Guilty of being more than a

Arrive in Sutton 430ish.  Our spot is very tight to back in to, a few wiggles and we’re in. This is one of the warmest days so far. The heat makes setting up a bit slower, but we get it done.

Final setup…the flag 😊

Now chillin and campfire time.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Today is filled with races. Our favourite of the weekend is the Nascar Pinty’s Series. The sun is shining so we brave the rickety Michelin overpass bridge and settle to watch the race at the start/finish line.

First the skydivers, GERONIMO! SKYDIVING TEAM

Oh no, where is the sun? It’s getting cloudy, very windy and cold! We stick it out as long as we can and then seek Bailey’s comfort.


Then a crash before our eyes. He gets it going and drives away.

The skies open up but fortunately all the racing is over.

We loved the weekend even with this crazy weather.


Saturday, May 18, 2019

First race starts at 9am, it’s going to be a busy day.

We go to the front straight, whoa!! A very many step-up overpass Michelin bridge to get to the other side of the track. Neither of us are fans. Doesn’t look intimidating from this side.  

Make it and watch from the start finish line for a while.

On our way back to Bailey we stop at turn 2 but first we grabbed a bevvie.

Our neighbours arrive, they are from Quebec and have a Winnebago Gran Tour. Should have gotten a better photo, only see the back sticking out.

We do venture to turn 5 and watch there for a bit.

7pm a band is playing to be followed by fireworks.

The on track activities are over so we walk on the track back to Bailey where we’ll watch the fireworks. 

A well-deserved glass of wine and fireworks!

OFF to bed we go

Friday, May 17, 2019

Still looks like a shopping cart, but it a recycle bin!!

Cool being woke up with cars on the track. We have a great view from the captain chairs so don’t have to rush out.

Off next to check out the infield activities, not much happening today. We’re in the Beer Garden and I get a free beer. Allan selects a 61 which is named after the year the track opened.

The grounds are beautiful we walk through the wood heading back to Bailey.

More campers arriving.

Head to the stands at turn 2, awesome view!

Racing! So much fun 😊

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Wake up very excited!  On our way to pick up Bailey for the race weekend at 10:30a.  Get to the campground, load up and off we go to Clarington at 11:28. 52,861km.

Drive to Canadian Tire Motorsport Park takes about 2 hours with only 1 “oh shit” wrong turn moment. 

We thought the gate at Peace Bridge was narrow, nope!  We now know what is narrow, the entrance to this park.  Fortunately, Allan was super cool we get through relatively easily.  

Allan knows the track very well having driven here in years gone by so we drive directly to corner 3 our spot 3O06, turn 3, 6th spot.

Allan is happy installing his GenTuri! I don’t get it, but he loves it. He also uses the jack stands for the first time.

There is some track activity and we are pleased with our view. It’s not too busy yet giving us an opportunity to scope out the place.

What’s that across the track? A shopping cart mounted to the roof of a car?

We wander over and yes that is exactly what we’re seeing. 

This is Bailey as seen from across the track.

Allan is in heaven!  This just never gets old!!

Traegar is a smokin!

We end the night visiting our neighbours fire.




Saturday, May 11, 2019

Bailey reunion day!  It will be a short lived reunion but excited to get her. 

We leave for the dealer in Smithville at 8:40a, eta 10:22a.  Almost there but whoops, detour! The road we normally take is closed due to construction so we follow the Detour Route.  We drive and drive and drive, finally arriving at the dealer at 10:50a.  Forgot to take a photo 🙁

Head back, you have to love Toronto traffic – it’s brutal! It is worse than this photo depicts.  Make it home at 1:30.  We fill up with fresh water and Allan attempts to install our new Genturi but the connection fitting we require is not included.  Amazon here we come! 

2:21 Off to the campground. Kyle is here so he rides with Allan and I follow.

We know our actual site is not available yet because the trailer currently occupying it is not out yet.  It is still too wet to move.  Way too much rain this season.

We are storing it there, looks a little lonely, until Thursday when it’s off to the races. 

This will be our spot! The decorative well, trailer and deck have to be removed. Learned today we are to cut the grass, but at least we have 50amp.

Wednesday, May 07, 2019

We are pretty excited and doing the …We have a spot for the summer in a campground in Sutton, and have 50amp power which is more than we thought we’d get at this point.

We are picking up Bailey on Saturday, bringing her to the camp where our spot isn’t ready yet but they have agreed to store her.

Thursday, we pick her up and head to Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, the track previously known as Mosport, for the Castrol Victoria Day Speedfest.

Weekend after that we bring Bailey back to the dealers as they still are not finished the repairs.

Anxiously excited, for the races, not bringing her back to the dealer!!


Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Bailey, when will we get you back??

When we purchased Bailey, the sales agreement stated everything on the coach must function. There were also paint repairs to be done. The paint did not get done prior to us taking delivery and it was agreed that we will bring Bailey back in spring to for the paint.  We brought her back in April.

During the 10,000 km of travels we found a few other things that never functioned.  That first trip was quite the experience!

These are some of the things that didn’t work:

  1. No dash heat, it was really cold driving
  2. Bedroom & bathroom blinds do not open
  3. Hamper in bedroom locks open
  4. Key fob works sporadically, as does the door lock switches inside coach
  5. Windshield leaks. They had replaced it prior to our picking up
  6. Accent light does not illuminate around front cab
  7. Tag axle fails to dump
  8. AC loud noise when turning off
  9. TV antenna that doesn’t always work, we are paying the dealer to replace
  10. Jacks & slide, we paid a US mobile repair guy to repair those.  Once the dealer had Bailey back we were notified that there is a recall on the emission control system that requires 40 – 50 hours of labour. They knew about it when they sold us Bailey but didn’t mention it.

Maybe not having somewhere to park Bailey for the summer isn’t such a bad thing right now.

We have Canadian Motorsport Park booked for the May long weekend we are hoping to borrow Bailey from Sicard’s for the race weekend.

Fingers crossed…

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Once again we show our naivety! We think we can easily find a local campground for Bailey for the summer. 

In March we compile our list of possible campgrounds and take a few weekends to drive around checking them out.  We want a site with 50amp power, most only have 30 amp. We eliminate some, like others and never think our selected location would not have space for us.

When we got back from our last trip we begin calling the campgrounds and much to our horror most have no space.  How is that even possible?  We are down to 2 locations, both only have 30 amp, neither have a space but perhaps one will come available.  They each tell us to try again next week!  Several weeks later still no space.

The only good thing right now is that Bailey is still at Sicard’s for the repairs.

Yes we are starting to panic.

Wish us luck!!