Pre-Birthday-day February 20, 2024

A walk around Versalles, the neighbouring town.  Versalles isn’t known or all-inclusive resorts and beach access but instead for its fantastic dining options and livable atmosphere.

Start at Ernesto’s for that delicious tortilla soup!  I’m going to miss this soup.  Maybe I’ll have to put Chef Allan on learning how to make it, now that’s a good idea. I’m brilliant!

At the door we are greeted by this fellow…

Notice in the back right?  What’s that?                                                                                    Clothes washer, our course 🙂

My soup…yum, yum, yummy in my tummy 

Allan is having a chicken burritos.  Turns out it’s fairly HUGE!

Get it into you!!  Delicious is his report

Nice they built the road around the tree          Construction galore, it’s fun watching equipment in action.

They are still working at getting the water from the bad storm of last week under control

Very few workers, can’t remember seeing any, wear construction hats, eye &/or ear protection or even gloves.

We need a few more steps today so off to the Food Park for a bevvy.  My first mojito of this trip.


2 thoughts on “Pre-Birthday-day February 20, 2024”

  1. The construction equipment is a concrete pumping truck, just in case you didn’t know. Beats wheelbarrows hauling up stairs…..

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