Protection Island, BC April 28, 2022

We wanted to visit Dinghy Dock Pub on Protection Island. They are seasonal floating pub open Thursdays thru Sundays 11:30am – 9pm. We’re almost leaving Nanaimo so today was the day.

The ferry, is a little one not run by BC Ferries. It is a 10m ride. We took a quick walk then returned to the pub 🙂

That done, it’s time to walk the island…. Gotta love the real estate agent who secures the domain name.

There are some super nice homes then there are the others. It is a little junky.

Spotted this deer, thought it was a statue then it moved. How did they get on the island?

The beach, accessible when it’s not high tide

This is the beach access that is no more

Need the mileages

Allan with “Boo’s” cousin

Wouldn’t you love a plane parked on the side of your home?

Hum, jokers on the island…

When arriving by you own vessel, you will likely enter here…

Skies over Nanaimo look a little mean

Well, that was close!

Our return ferry trip from Protection Island was interesting. There were too many people, we were there early, missing the previous ferry by 5 minutes so made it on. T

he Captain assured the remaining passengers she would be back as quickly as she could. Pulling into the Nanaimo dock, a fellow passenger says “FIRE” , smoke was beginning to billow.

The Captain asked we all quickly disembark, we were all happy too.

We felt bad for the people waiting both in Nanaimo and PI.

We hung around for a bit, the ferry wasn’t going nor did the other ferry that was in PI come. Poor stuck people, for once it wasn’t us stuck! And, we made it almost home before the rain started.

Home safe and sound!!

2 thoughts on “Protection Island, BC April 28, 2022”

  1. Very interesting trip! It’s a shame the beach access is no more.
    Hope the fire didn’t cause any damage to the ferry. I’m wondering if the engine overheated.
    Glad you made the last ferry, else you might have had to spend the night on the island.

    1. We are super glad we caught that ferry and wonder when the others were picked up.

      There is nowhere to stay on the island it’s all just residential. There are very few cars, most get around using golf carts, they don’t even have garbage pick up. Protection Island would not be a place I’d want to call home but it was a fun visit.

      The only business is the Dingy Dock Pub.

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