Quiet Day, March 09, 2024

Today we headed to a small flea market in the Walmart parking lot.  This walk is in the opposite direction from Centro where we normally head.   It’s about a 45minute walk. Hum, looks like we should have confirmed the flea market is still there cause it’s not.  Oh well a walk is a walk!

Galeria Vallarta Shopping Mall is next door, we check it out, pretty nice complete with a kid’s train

Next stop, a Tequila Caesar (complete with hole-y ice, the only ice that’s safe to use here)  & Victoria Cerveza

We’re sitting facing a very busy road; tons of buses most are overfilled like sardines

Back on the condo’s rooftop we play a game till it’s go to dinner time, our second last night here.

Sauces galore!             Luckily I had a margarita cause Allan’s glass of wine was the worst we’ve had since being here

The meat was so delicious, so tender and tasty served on what they called a baked potato but was really a diced potato.  Simply delicious!!

Second last day here ends

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