San Sebastian, MX March 06, 2024

Tour day!  “Rosie” sees us off   

Tours normally have a few stops before the grand event… Today’s first is Panaderia Carmen’s Bakery.  It’s a very nice place and the folks who had treats said they were delicious!

Next stop: one of the hundreds of agaves fields in the area.  Our guide, Marco, explaining how tequila is is made                               &                              me smiling,

Agave plants are succulents with large leaves that end in pointy tips. Agaves have a lot of variety, with over 250 species in the agave genus. Large, stiff specimens can grow to 10 feet or more in height and width, and smaller species can be dish-sized. A few agave species have soft leaves and no spines. Agave grows best in rocky, sandy, well-drained soil in full sun.

Other plants in the area

Next stop; coffee farm, these parrots were very noisy

Off to San Sebastian.   The story of the town is interesting…  San Sebastian del Oeste, Jalisco  This Magical Town on the edge of the Sierra Madre Occidental, and of mining origin, had its best moments during the Colony, when it had 20,000 inhabitants; But the closure of mines during the 19th century caused the migration of many inhabitants. Visiting it is like going back in time: its churches, farms and old mines that are still there.”

   Cobble stone bridge into town, built in the 1800’s

  Mural depicting the town’s history  Our chuckle today: a lady & I need to use the facilities.  Find the correct one only to discover urinals & 2 stalls, dash out re-read the sign yep still says “Mujeres”  Later learn from Allan there were no urinals in the “Hombres”  Another gent also commented he thought it strange there were no urinals.  Wonder who the joker was that switched the signs?

A walk around town, the coble stone streets can be challenging!


           San Sebastian Church has quite the history

What’s with the damage?  The original bell broke, not sure how a bell breaks, when they replaced it, there was a minor incident


    Our greeter!

Food was so delicious only got  this photo  Lunch done we get to walk around town for a bit more before heading back

Final stop;  Hacienda Don Lalin, a boutique type tequila factory .  Our welcoming here…We’ll be sampling, learning how tequila is made, and how to drink tequila that has a higher alcohol content to enjoy it to its fullest.  Click here to learn the 7 steps.  The dude is the owner and our educator.


This is the oven, or horno, they bake the agave in, has to maintain 1000 degrees C for I don’t remember how long he said, must be because of the sampling!!  Google says 48 to 72 hours.

We bought one to enjoy when we next see K&MIt was a fun day, we’re both happy we decided to take this tour.

Back at the condo, it’s wine and enjoy the sunset time!

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