Saturday, April 18th Decision Day

We are scheduled to leave here on the 25th, where to go?   These are such nerve racking times.   We go for a walk to figure things out.

The park isn’t big, we decide to walk the subdivision  they are building. There are not many construction peeps working today.Do a 180 this is the RV park. 

Are they taking the virus seriously? No photo but I know you’ll believe me-nothing to wash up after using the port-a-potty.  But there is this, hand sanitizer on each side of the pole no where near the potty.

Productive walk, decision made, we will leave on Saturday.  States we go through North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania & New York.  Many of the camps we select, are Covid-19 closed or restricted.

With camp information overload  – we decide to stay here a week longer.  We do not want to be back in Ontario until our park opens.  We can stay but only until May 01 as they are fully booked. Good for them for filling all these empty spots.

Back to the planning board, we revamp the direction instead of heading north we’ll head a bit west.  Allan likes this new plan as one of the campgrounds he wanted to go back to is Camp Turkeyville.  It is on this route. We find a resort in Fancy Gap, Virginia.  But,       OK, we’ll stay the required 14 days.  Doesn’t matter where we stay as all our time is spent around Bailey or avoiding people when we go for walks.  Saturday a new adventure begins.

TP management!  This implemented..

Happy to report, one of these rolls lasts 7-8 days in the powder room.

Yes, I was impressed.             

Today’s excitement just doesn’t stop!

Amazon delivers our new crib board.  Such a tiny one, we didn’t realize it was half a game so you go around twice. 

Think we were still on the TP high, (so many days from one roll) and not thinking 

Guess who’s silver and won our first game??

End the day with a fire, second only to a hot tub.  Wonder when hot tubing will resume?

My next Amazon purchase       

Stay safe!

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