Saturday, May 11, 2019

Bailey reunion day!  It will be a short lived reunion but excited to get her. 

We leave for the dealer in Smithville at 8:40a, eta 10:22a.  Almost there but whoops, detour! The road we normally take is closed due to construction so we follow the Detour Route.  We drive and drive and drive, finally arriving at the dealer at 10:50a.  Forgot to take a photo 🙁

Head back, you have to love Toronto traffic – it’s brutal! It is worse than this photo depicts.  Make it home at 1:30.  We fill up with fresh water and Allan attempts to install our new Genturi but the connection fitting we require is not included.  Amazon here we come! 

2:21 Off to the campground. Kyle is here so he rides with Allan and I follow.

We know our actual site is not available yet because the trailer currently occupying it is not out yet.  It is still too wet to move.  Way too much rain this season.

We are storing it there, looks a little lonely, until Thursday when it’s off to the races. 

This will be our spot! The decorative well, trailer and deck have to be removed. Learned today we are to cut the grass, but at least we have 50amp.

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