Sep 12 – Brandon to Moose Jaw

We leave at 840a, km 68,684   

Unlike the drive to Turtle Crossing, we leave on a paved road, so not

This was an uneventful, flat terrain drive. A nice break.

We arrive at Peanut Hills Campgrounds at 130, crossing into Central time zone.

Follow Bailey to the site

Parked without my help but WHOOPS we are supposed to be site 31, we are in 30.  Allan was going to wheel around for try 2 but the park Manager drove by to say “Leave it”  🙂

All set up!  Notice the train cars and plant in the background!

Do a quick walk, it is a small park so takes no time.The vehicles that drive on the highway appear to be floating

Fire time!

Tomorrow is explore Moose Jaw day.

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