Sep 29/21 Travel Day

Bailey is all doctored and ready for pick up. We indulge in one more hot tub with our coffee. It is ☕ National Coffee Day ☕

Fuel up and we are on the road at 1230

Our drive takes us on the Coquihalla Highway, the fires came so close to the road. Can’t imagine the feeling if you were caught in this.

Rain to help clean our windshield!

Oh look! Allan’s favourite – a tunnel. This one isn’t bad cause it’s well lit

No, not a new bug on the windshield. It’s a helicopter with a bucket.

We arrive at “Wally World Resort”. We, no me, isn’t good at selecting good locations. This one is in a sketchy area, Walmart, Abbottsford.

Close all the blinds, we’ll be fine

Today’s funny

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