September 21st Monday drive to Canmore!

We leave Lethbridge at 9a, 69,684k.  First stop is UFA in Clareholm for fuel, DEF and a much needed Bailey bath!

Wonder how much these super large tires cost and which vehicle they are used on  Bailey wash here we are. First time for us washing her on our own, reading the instructions…     

Tire cleaner, pre-wash, foam brush, wash, rinse, wax, spot free rinse.

22m51s in = $34.25 almost doneFinal rinse

Total price $49.50, not perfect but much better.  Can even see out the windshield.

On the road again we spot this smiling face farmhouse.

Bug free windshield didn’t last long!   Off in the distance, Calgary.

Back to the dueling GPSes, we are attempting t0 remember the tidbits Wilf told us.  Should have taken notes!  We opt for the route that makes the most sense to us.  Hum, doesn’t feel right but we are committed to the exit.  We are on a road Bailey’s GPS doesn’t know exists and Maps isn’t talking to us any more.

Should have taken a photo earlier of our savior trucker but this is him. We latch onto him when the new road was not marked.  It didn’t even have lines painted yet.  This guy had BC plates so we followed, turned out to be a good plan.  Yahoo, for the Canmore sign!  Although stressful for a bit turns out Calgary was easy to bypass.

It’s a beautiful drive


Hello Spring Creek RV Off to our spot, D7

Set up, beautiful views everywhere!!

Insert Allan’s humour.  He thought the wheelie bar on this RV was pretty funny.  The avocados speak for themselves….

Canmore bunnies!  I didn’t know.  We had the same 3 visit nightly.

So beautiful!

Not so beautiful  🙁  Allan’s bashed finger, think he’ll lose the nail

But look! A fire in the making….     

Kyle, our son, heading to the Ukraine just when we are heading to BC

Come home safe! Sending tons of love!!

4 thoughts on “September 21st Monday drive to Canmore!”

  1. Hey neighbour. We live near Zephyr. I’m very interested to know how you make out in B.C. I tried to talk the old guy into doing that this year but he says it wouldn’t be warm enough. We just bought a 2008 Tiffin Allegro Open Road. Nice with the 4 slides but bigger than we’ve had before. Take care and keep in touch.

    1. Karen, we’ll have to let you know. We are here in Kelowna, B.C. This year you had to book early. We wanted to be on the island as our son lives there but that did not work out. Our next choice was Osoyoos but that again was a wash. So we ended up here, Kelowa. Just arrived today. We need to suffer through the cold weather to be able to provide any valuable feedback. 21c here today, lots of wine tours planned. So far, so good. Big news for us, from October 1 to April 30 us big rigs must have tire chains on-board to be legal.

      1. Just found you again. I hope you enjoy your winter stay. And it is warm enough for you. Going to try and figure out how to see your updates more easily. Karen

        1. Karen, you can subscribe to the blog,, and you will then receive an email when a new addition is made to the blog.


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