September 6th – 4th Stop

Today we head to Ignace, we never heard of it before booking, but the distance worked.  Leave at 830a, 67,454k

The normal restricted to one lane   

Red rock

A funky bridge           

Terry Fox Scenic Lookout near Thunder Bay

A little “clean the windshield” sprinkle   

Our GPS often pays tricks on us.  This time it sends us down a bumpy road and wants us to turn on a dirt road.  The dirt road has a turn we can’t see around.  I get out, walk to the corner to find another corner.  This can’t be right.  Allan calls and no it isn’t right, we should not have turned.

We get back on the road we shouldn’t have turned off, drive another 5ish minutes and here we are, arrive at 315p

Thinking we have a back in site, we decide to unhook Bob  prior to check in. Bob loves Bailey and decides he doesn’t want to get unhooked.  Suspect that bumpy road whacked something out of alignment.  Allan struggles with it, wiggles and jiggles, poof! They are unhooked.

All set up       

We won’t be able to have a fire as the pit is too close to Bailey but the weather isn’t that nice anyways.  Allan has a, much deserved

Found our golf cart!  Think it’s the park’s owners, they may object!

Walk to Davy Lake         

Walk into town   

Why oh why would they have so many charging stations in Ignace.  Never saw this many in Toronto!  These are for Teslas only!!  Not much else in town.

Weather here hasn’t been great, rain, sun, rain, partial sun.  Wonder if this is typical.

September 08:   Time to leave. First for us!  Stinky slinky leaking everywhere!!

The only other hose we have doesn’t reach, the plan is to circle around and stop closer to the sewer.  We find the communal hook ups first so use it.  Another first, we pump quicker than the sewer can handle.  Stop, stop!!  Finally we are empty.  Such an exciting morning  and it’s only  830a!

Off we go…..

4 thoughts on “September 6th – 4th Stop”

  1. What an interesting drive you had. Beautiful scenery.
    The red rocks look like the Canadian Shield.
    And the waters look amazing.
    Hope you don’t need to repair the Bob hitch.
    Very cool golf cart.

  2. Surprisingly beautiful scenery. That’s so odd how many charging stations there are, I guess everyone has a Tesla? Lol I feel like it’s more than we have in Victoria

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