Settled down, a bit! January 17, 2024

Our very first AirBnb!   Trying to settle in but.. our coffee stopped making coffee at half a pot.  We thought the pot was toast.  The microwave cuts in and out, plug in my computer = not charging!

      It’s the electric plugs!

Juan to the rescue…     

It’s taking awhile to repair, Allan heads off to bring back street tacos for breakfast.  For months I’ve been hearing “dinner when we arrive will be street tacos and cerveza.”  Didn’t work out on arrival night, did the next day. Delicious and only a 2 minute walk from the condo.

   Plugs done, now to tackle the ac

Our fancy water dispenser, refill 40 pesos ($3.14 Cdn)   

The repairs completed we head up to the terrace.  The view from the roof top

Then off for a little walk in the area.

Wanna make a call?   

 Note to self!  Drivers have the right of way!! Don’t Cross Streets Without Looking: The streets in Puerto Vallarta tend to be very busy, and like anywhere in the world, you need to be cautious crossing them. Pedestrians don’t always have the right of way, and accidents happen. Look both ways before you cross the road, every time.  This is even true in crosswalks; cross at your own risk.

The nearby beach, we will walk it another day

Enjoying my first margarita in 26 C temp   

Meanwhile somewhere in Canada, hot tub time   

  The turtles are happy in this merky water

Back at the condo, we for the first time, notice the coffin across the court.                         What the heck?!?We end the day on the roof top, when we were about to leave the fire works begin

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