Shopping Day, January 18, 2024

We need food!  Today it’s Costco & the local grocery store “La Comer”  The walk there is about 15 minutes

First breakfast; a ceasar salad for me and some type if chicken roll for Allan.  The salad is huge with massive chunks of chicken.  Couldn’t eat it all, also couldn’t get the container top back on, believe me we tried, so had to toss the balance.

Our haul:  Time to Uber back 

  Stuff put away it’s happy hour on the roof

At La Comer we bought store freshly made taco shells as well as a tray with taco stuffing-chicken, peppers, onions.   WOW so delicious!! Chef Allan outdid himself 🙂

Tomorrow after calling Westjet, to try yet again to get our refund for the Lethbridge to Calgary & Calgary to PV legs of our trip,  (It’s so crazy trying to get through the them, we discovered they have a “Request a Call Back from WestJet” form) the plan is to go to the Malecón Boardwalk.  Looking forward to that!

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