Sicamous Lookout May 13, 2021. Turns out it’s “do something today that scares you” day!

We are weird!  We were going to head to the dump cause, isn’t that where bears hang out?  Google tell us “Sicamous Landfill” is closed today, meaning this will not be a 🐻 hang out.

We revamp and head to Sicamous Lookout.

Advenure begins with what else?  A train. 

We keep our eyes peeled, spot zero wildlife.

Off the main road we encounter this warning.   

These are the types of roads Bob is built for but I’m a little concerned about the “Active Hauling”.   Drive starts easy enough even though the road isn’t wide enough to pass an “active hauler” barrelling down the mountain. Maybe this isn’t our best idea!  Not only is the road even more narrow, you can’t see around the corner.This really is the highway to heaven!!  Not pictured is the steep fall off.Look left and see…  Beautiful but not the lookout.  GPS is saying we are still 1k away.

Then seconds later, “You’ve reached your destination on the left” Doesn’t look like a scenic lookout to us, at least it’s wide enough to turn around.We must be so close.  Do we admit defeat?? We decide to walk up the road a bit.  Dirty Snow!This looks like ideal bear country, we’d rather see one while in Bob.  Back to Bob to continue this white knuckle journey.  GPS tells us we are getting further away.  This is nuts!!  We turn around at the next available spot.  When driving up, we past a pickup truck parked on the side of the road.  Turns out he was at the lookout, we were just so focused on driving by safely we didn’t look left.  Not pleased he’s in our photo!    Note the platform:  The lookout was originally a hang gliders platform. It is decommissioned now.This was in 2011, wonder then the platform was decommissioned.   The story here

We drove further down and discover these amazing views, easier to spot going than coming.

Allan and Bob quite the team.


Drive down was nearly, stress free.  Worried for nothing, no “active haulers” today.

Still no bears, deer, cougars-only… 

Safely home and fire time!  Tomorrow a trip to Vernon and the dentist.

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