Slowly looking up June 05/06/07, 2024

June 5th:  Not a fan of laundries but it’s better than nothin!  Yesterday, 2 loadsFortunately we have an appointment to have our washer looked at, unfortunately it’s not till the end of July.

Next, our appointment to have Bailey’s 2 chips done.

June 6th:  Take 2 for a Bailey & Bob wash.  We’re hoping this one lasts longer than the last one, had the wash then drove through the worst rain storm!

Things seem good…Bob’s Blue Ox repair seems to work.  Bailey’s new slide control worked, don’t want to jinx anything but so far so good!

As normal there was road construction galore and we had to use an alternate route but we made it!  Being lead to our site at this massive track! 

Our home for the next 4 days, we couldn’t be happier!!  Pits are right in front of us 🙂

Thursday USF2000 Qualifying at Canada Corner

In the market for a Porsche, this one is a mere 1/4 US mil  Friday at the races is get acquainted with the surroundings (normally Thursday is not go to the track day so we had a bonus day).

Only IndyCar action today is practice at 3pm.  We’re watching events from different locations (yesterday Canada Corner today Turn 5) as there is no such thing as assigned seats.  The grounds are yours for the taking. Where’s the best??  Plus have never seen so many golf carts!  This is nothing, I should have taken a photo of the rental spot.

Practice results…Can’t wait for tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Slowly looking up June 05/06/07, 2024”

  1. So glad that all of the repairs have worked. I hope the detour didn’t make Bailey and Bob dirty again.
    That sucks about your washer. I hope you keep calling looking for an earlier date – hopefully there will be a cancellation.
    You got a great site right in front of the pits!
    Have a great 4 days.

    1. We made it here relatively clean but it’s pouring today. Again, not normal for here this time of year, we hear that a lot!

      Thanks much for the good wishes. Hugs

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