Sunday, April 12, 2020

Answer to riddle:  Corn on the cob, because you throw away the husk, cook and eat the kernels, and throw away the cob.

Today is explore day.  This is our view from our dining room.

There is a pond with swans.  They seem so regal, we come across this one on land                    This is their pond                      Turns out theirs and the alligators        Allan is happy about that, he really wants to see a gator!  With these numbers you’d think we would.

The park warns not to feed the swans, the park feeds them, or gators who must fend for themselves.  This fellow managed to for quite awhile.

I don’t know much about swans, OK perhaps all I know is they are white and fly. 






They must be friendly, here they come to see us.

Being ever cautious or you know, a chicken, I say let’s go.  Turns out they aren’t that friendly.

The poster posted by the pond,   

We find a trail, just get started when it begins to rain.  It’s crib time.

Bailey social distancing…

We’re playing crib, Allan is scanning the pond out the window.  “There’s a gater!!”  I see what Allan is referring to, it’s a rock – I say.  It’s gone!  I’m now a believer!!

The Savannah Easter Sunday cribbage champion!!  We each win one, 3rd game was a slaughter!! Guess who’s not smiling!

Rain on and off all day, we did get a few more walks in.

Tom, my brother in law, introduced us to (spoiler alert, don’t click if you are still watching) Tiger King,  the docuSeries about Joe Exotic.     Finished binge watching it tonight.

Tomorrow Charlotte, SC.

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