Sunday, April 28, 2019

Once again we show our naivety! We think we can easily find a local campground for Bailey for the summer. 

In March we compile our list of possible campgrounds and take a few weekends to drive around checking them out.  We want a site with 50amp power, most only have 30 amp. We eliminate some, like others and never think our selected location would not have space for us.

When we got back from our last trip we begin calling the campgrounds and much to our horror most have no space.  How is that even possible?  We are down to 2 locations, both only have 30 amp, neither have a space but perhaps one will come available.  They each tell us to try again next week!  Several weeks later still no space.

The only good thing right now is that Bailey is still at Sicard’s for the repairs.

Yes we are starting to panic.

Wish us luck!!

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