Sunday Dec 20, 2020

Today is visit Freddy’s Brewery.  Their claim to fame is not only their brews but hot sauce and they are attached to a bowling alley.  As germaphobes, we wouldn’t stick our feet in rental shoes even before the pandemic, it is a novel idea.  Who say’s lets have a brewery and bowling alley?  Guess a beer drinking bowler!!

       Here we are!

What to select, we know Allan’s must be amber.  I’d like a coffee one, bring on the samples 

Allan tries Harkrider Red Lager & Red IPA 

mine, Sandbagger Brown Ale  & Grand Poobah Chocolate Milk Stout 

Harkridger & Sandbagger for the win!

We order from the Sunday Beerunch menu, I select Turkish Eggs, Allan has Bedrock Huevos Rancheros.  Both delicious!We are a little happy!   

       Watching over us!

Allan likes his beer so much,  he is the proud owner of a new growler.  We need our friend, Tim here.  He’d appreciate the brewies 🙂

Off for a

Then home to a fire   

Playing a game called Spot the Difference.

Remember when… 



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