This is an exciting day, October 19, 2022

Not only do we leave Yamika RV Park but we’re heading to our first Boondockers Welcome stay. Boondockers are membership based locations where you do not pay to stay. Click here if you want to learn more.

We’re up at 530, have breakfast, run the dishwasher, shower, hook up Bob and are on the road at 915.

Please excuse our dirty windows

Oh look! A bridge for Allan πŸ™‚

Quite a large solar farm

Our first back break in Oregon

Much like us, Bailey is not a fan of ups. At the peak!

The vegitation changes quite rapidly

There is still smoke in some areas

Another train

A plant that produces ???

Nice scenery

RVing – not for the faint of wallet

First welcome to sign I managed to take a photo of

We were initally set to spend the night at Cabela’s Boise, last night we decided to go a bit further. Debbie may have had something to do with teaching us how heading south slowly means. Apparently, it’s more like driving 6h LOL

We dodged a bullet by avoiding Boise

Our exit coming up

Approaching our first Boondockers Welcome! Beautiful home

We have a choice of a gravel or asphalt pad, also full hook ups We choose the gravel that come with a view πŸ™‚ Alan the host, says we made the good choice. Our Allan with 2 “l”s didn’t tell him his Mom spelt his name wrong LOL

Our new neighbours

Our view!

We are no longer Boondockers Welome virgins!

Tomorrow, a KOA

2 thoughts on “This is an exciting day, October 19, 2022”

  1. I believe that is a cement plant if you are heading towards the Oregon-Idaho border. I-84, south of Baker city?
    I just wandered over from Contessa’s 4 C’s. Just in case you wondered who is this guy?
    Safe rides!

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