Thursday, April 11, 2019

Allan is working for a few hours then originally it was play time but we decide it would be best to drive a few hours today to get us closer to our final Bailey destination, Sicards for the paint & repairs they didn’t do prior to pick up.  Goodbye catfish for this trip. We leave at 11a, km 51,348.

We leave around 1p.  Not sure what type of tree this is but the sides of the highway is littered with them.  I certainly could have taken a better photo.

The drive takes us around Cincinnati @CityOfCincy and only took us 1-1/2 hours, grrrrr

We decided it would be a Chez Walmart night.  I find one in Westerville, OH, @tellwesterville  not realizing this was about 20 minutes out of our way on under construction road but we make it.  Whoops, this is a rather small Walmart that shares the parking lot with Big Lots with a few smaller stores between them.  We select the Big Lots end of the parking lot and hope for the best. Arrive at 7:45p, happy to get a rest.

We get take out at the restaurant in the same plaza, Lucky House food was really good.

Another day over!

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