Thursday, August 15, 2019

Today is the drive to Pocono Speedway. It starts off kind of like heaven. Sunshine, humid, hot – my kind of weather. km 53,817.  I should start an excel mileage sheet.

Say goodbye to the KOA and our new cool friend. Off we go 1015a.

Today’s drive should have been 228 miles, 3.3h not including a fuel stop. Goal is to fuel up as close to the track as possible to keep the diesel generator happy. Our go to is Love’s, there is one on our route so we head there.

As we approach Binghamton, we see horrendous traffic going the other way. We thank our lucky stars we are not going that way. Our Exit 3 is fast approaching, we see the Love’s – they are sometimes tricky to get into there is a tractor trailer directly in front of us who is going to the Love’s so blindly we follow him.

NOPE, he’s going to another highway so we must find our way back. We’ll get back on the highway and head the other direction because we know that is heavy traffic, 3 lanes merging into 1, starts just past Exit 3. Smart if we don’t say so, ourselves!! 

Back on the highway, there is no Exit 3 coming this way. We are stuck in that traffic, worse than this photo depicts 🙁

Finally make it back to Love’s. Allan says “remember we are building memories” LOL

We head on to Pocono, no more misadventures. We pass a friend’s village.




Getting closer..

We excitedly arrive and get checked in. Go to Gate 1, off we go. Oh my, can things get any tighter?  We use the left tunnel.

We make it safely through 🙂 and are greeted by…

We find our site #31 same site number as in Birmingham

We get ready for a massive thunder, lighting, rain storm. One bolt of thunder was so loud Allan thought our generated exploded.


After the storm there is calm and rainbows



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