Today we tackle Telegraph Pass Trail, Fortuna Foothills November 13, 2022

Our dear friends, Doris & Kevin wintered in Yuma last Winter and are happy to share their last year’s adventures to make them our this year’s adventures.  It’s from them we learned about “Howling at the Moon”.

We arrive at Telegraph Pass at 1034 raring to go!  5.3-mile/8.53 km loop trail/3 hours to complete.The long rocky road ahead     

We’ve got this! Or do we???

1115a The stick things are starting to look like cell towers.  Funky tree, photo worthy 🙂

1126a:  The long road continues     

Yuma, yonder wayWe walked that snake trail  keeping our eyes open for real snakesSee the ants on the trail that are really peopleFor the last 15ish minutes everyone we passed going down said “You are ALMOST there”  Clearly many do not know what ALMOST means.   Stupid determination rules!  Yep we are “mucho” wiped.

The views are cool but “to die for” as many posted not likely LOL

Deserved?  Without a doubt!  Remember we are the couple who hate doing UPS!!Here’s the towers

When Kevin & Doris made it here there was a flag.  No more flag, we did see the bench on the way down but no flag  We wanted to find the flag! This is Doris and their friend, Kevin is the photographerHow do we make this a loop like AllTrails said it could be?

106p:  A lot faster going down.  Ta ta cell towers


The most deserved, soothing hot tub yet!

We should get bonus steps for all those UPS!!

Having nothing to do with nothing, here goes,,,

661-3914  😉

Yes we are still Doris & Kevin fans, what will you bring on next??



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  1. 867-5309………I live on her lane……(;+)………………………She hasn’t aged as well as my Kat and I have…

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