Today’s walking tour as orchestrated by my favourite tour guide

We were here the other day but did the “here and there” tour, today’s tour guide Allan will be organized…

As per point 4 above the fountain has nothing to do with the bridge!

There are 52 steps! 🙂

No photo as we couldn’t spot it. Tour guide let us down on this one.

TOUR NOW ENDED! Hope it was enjoyed by all!

Some scenic photos around the lake

Lake Havasu City

Our last hot tub in this glorious tub!

If I would have checked my steps yesterday I would have continued on to 20k and get a badge

2 thoughts on “Today’s walking tour as orchestrated by my favourite tour guide”

  1. I have subscribed before but it did not work. Just did it again. Love LHC. Used to go there going and coming. Do you have a final destination for the winter?

    1. We did confirm that you are on the subscriber list. You will receive future notifications.

      We do not have a final destination, our first month will be in Yuma.

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