Travel Day, 08/15/21

We enjoyed our stay here, except for the no internet/super low water pressure. Heading to Whispering Spuce Campground in Golden. BC. The smoke has not dissipated.

Big ass smoker! Allan had pulled pork made on it, he declared it delicious.

Back to packing up… Allan doing his circle check

On the road again…

These cyclists are wearing masks to protect from the smoke

What is left after a fire

When I see skid marks I chose to believe another animal dashing onto the road was saved

This is a scenic drive. Not today, just smoky

Turn here…

We’re back in BC, almost missed the sign

We can only imagine how beautiful with area is

Truck “runaway” lane. I’m surprised we haven’t seen more in the Rockies

Almost there

The last 10k were stressful. The twisty, turny, road is under sever construction

Then there is this contraption parked on a platform over the ledge

Here we are

Whispering Spruce Campground Doesn’t take long to get set up

Parting thought

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