Travel Day, March 11, 2024

The dreaded have to “get back to reality” day has arrived!

Our final walk around the neighbour.

                                                                                     Our street sign Our condo was the yellow one top floor

Our corner street taco stand

Sites we’ll miss.  Love all the colours

Notice?  No smile, waiting for our Uber  Super busy; it took us twice as long to get to the airport and actually make it to the drop off point. Still no smile 🙁

Getting through security was good, no need to open our carry-ons.  It’s now lunch time.  Love this restaurant.  Can you spot Allan?                     Leslie I think you will 🙂 The best garlic shrimp!                                           Allan’s tacos were good as well.

     A bus takes us to the plane

The flight left only about an hour late, we’re pleased. Not so pleased that this is a dash 9 plane, the same type as the Alaska Airlines door fell off.

The windows, instead of the normal blinds, have a tinting system, push a few buttons and it turns blue dinning the outdoor light.  This what it looks like through the tint.

The back of the seat entertainment centre is fun.  They had movies as well as showing the navigation, how long till we land screens.  One of the movies I watched was, based on a PI in PEI, I’d never heard of it but was quite fun;  Who’s Yer Father?   Anette, if you haven’t seen it yet I think you’d like it; you’ll recognize many places.

Landed safely, now in the Calgary Lounge waiting for our Lethbridge connection flight while enjoying bevies and snacks

Thankfully another uneventful flight

Another chapter ends….

Sunrise on the 12th   

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