Travel Day to Telkwa June 28, 2021

We’re up early.  Today’s trip is about 4h15m.  We have 2 stops to make, Kal Tire to get Bailey’s wheel torqued and Flying J for fuel.  This is Bob’s new look                                                                                                                             We leave MamaYeh at 820a, 71,402k and pull into Kal Tire at 840a.  This may have been a mistake as all the bays are filled.   Allan goes to chat, pull up to 2, the tech will torgue then move the tractor.  Entire thing took 5m

Fuel next,  which station would you choice?  We’re at the 3rd

On the road at 910   

Road side white line painting 

              Telkwa is this side of Smithers, scenery is getting nicer again   

First sign I’ve seen denoting the different fuel cost  Back to having to drive with care                     Hey, it’s hay

Almost there                                                  Snow still on these mountains       

The long, straight road ahead is a nice break from all the twisty turny roads we’ve become accustomed to

We arrive at Fort Telkwa Riverside RV Park at 2   “The name Telkwa is possibly a native term for “meeting of the waters” which appropriately describes the confluence of the Bulkley and Telkwa Rivers in town.” They offer a pressure washer to remove all those nasty windshield bugs.

All outdoor set up done, Allan opens the slides.  Bedroom – check, big slide – check, kitchen X  It goes out but not all the way, when Allan pushed the out button it started to come in.  Oh boy!!  Controller then just gave up.

Your supposed to see all the “hooters”Fortunately, we do have a service contract that hopefully covers this (it hasn’t covered any of our other “oh shits”)  Coach Net will be on it tomorrow. 

 Site 15 overlooking the river                

We’re not doing much exploring because of the temp. 4:52 and it’s still 36 feeling like 39.  Glad we have leftover Chinese for  dinner.

Did go for a, super short walk down to the river








2 thoughts on “Travel Day to Telkwa June 28, 2021”

  1. That’s a bummer that we can’t see all of the hooters.
    How do you find someone to fix it?
    I guess it’s not a fuse.
    With the heat I’d be so tempted to take a dip in the river.
    37C with humidex in Toronto.
    Cheers, Leigh

    1. We have a service contract with CoachNet, that covers slides. Unfortunately, 2 days later they or we, cause we tried can not find anyone in this area to do repairs. Not a fuse, we suspect a motor. The slide has 2 motors, only one is working. Anxiety is kicking in, we are scheduled to leave here on the 5th. I can’t see that happening. Stay tuned!

      Not tempted to swim in the river, it’s fast running. Fortunately the ac has so far, not let us down.

      Keep smiling!!

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