Walk to Malecón, January 19, 2024

In case you’re wondering:  WestJet’s call came in as requested  No credit yet but he did say it would be issued.  Will see what the next few days bring.

Malecón here we come.  We are learning to dodge the cars and have determined the most considerate drivers and are motorcylers.

The sun worshipper! 

      We too are happy to be here 🙂

It was an hour walk here so it’s that time!  We settle at Océano Azul on the beachThere are pelicans galore!       

These guys want to share our drinks!

Turns out there are pretty smart.  This dude feels them and they sure know it!

We got to meet the area croc.  He just ignored us preferring to sunbathe.  It’s a thing here.


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