Waterton Lakes National Park August 15, 2022

We were told by several folks that Waterton is the unsung hero of Alberta’s parks and they were certainly correct! “where the mountains meet the prairie”  Entrance to the park/town is $21.00 per vehicle

Downtown waterfront and a view of Prince Of Wales Hotel up yonder way

Main Street, Pat’s is a busy place and these bikes appear to be the favourite rentals.

3D art at the Visitor’s Centre


Our hike to Cameron Falls, not the most impressive but still fun

I’m going in!! Yep those that know me know “no way is that happening”. I did dip a toe, brrrrrrr

The view from the Prince of Wales Hotel to the town at the foot of the mountain

Built in 1926, the hotel still features the what looks to be the original elevator

Glad we came now time for a bite… We would have likely not stopped at this place, probably wouldn’t have even noticed it but our friend said we must. So we did …

Food was the best Mexican since Calgary. Toss up on which was better

End the day with my “Fire God” When we leave here we head back to BC that does have a fire ban. Taking advantage while still here

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