Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Today is our walk to @GaylordOpryland  & @opry  day.  We drove by  on the shuttle yesterday and learned this is the largest Resort & Convention centre that is not connected to a casino. It has 2888 rooms.
Fun fact-their electric bill is 9 million/year.

Now off to the Grand Ole Opry

Allan is a little dwarfed by the guitars. 

We head back and spot 2 interesting things.  @CaneyFork offering wild game menu.  Shucks, we just aren’t hungry!

Off we head to @cootersplace  We both loved @DukesOfHazzard so this should be fun.

A fun day, now walk back home.

Cock off the Wall is the restaurant that is mere steps from the park.  They specialize in catfish. Never had catfish!  We decide, OK I convince Allan to try it tomorrow night.

Total steps for the day:  20,321  Off to the hot tub!





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