Wednesday, April 22

Every day we have a job to do.  Today! Get the bugs off the front of Bailey and the windshield.

Our Amazon Prime order for masks that was supposed to arrive Sunday arrived today.  This is what 2 for $53.59 masks look like.        Allan thought I was crazy for paying so much, I did too but if it happens to save us or keeps us from eating  we may be good.

Out we go move the picnic table and begin. Some of those bugs just don’t want to go but it looks much better than when we started.

Now Windex the windshield and apply the rain.xHopefully with this application and the new wipers, we’ll we able to see next rainstorm.

Thursdays & Mondays are garbage pick up days.  Why am I sharing this information?  They come between 530 & 540AM.

This is how close the bin is to us                           

Guess what time I’ll wake up?


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