Wednesday, February 05, 2020

We awake to a warm morning, 66F  Sweatshirt not required to walk to stretch class but I wear mine anyways.  Allan doesn’t.  It’s getting windier and windier.  Stretch class done, now at aerobics.  Instructor says how the weather is changing.  Class done, now it’s 55F, Allan has extra pep in this step walking home.

Temp stays at about 55 all day, zero sun. Sharon & Ron, our neighbours are coming to Costco with us today a good inside thing to do.  The ride is appreciated because we have to get Traeger pellets

Finally! Sharon knows about the birds on the wire, they are Grackles!  It’s amazing how many sit on a wire and they return nightly.

The Grackle gathering reminds me of the scariest movie of my childhood, The Birds

We have some unexplained, very itchy bites.  Sharon to the rescue again, they are Chiggers  Some thing are better to not know!

Off to hot tub.  Hoping for a milder day tomorrow as it’s block party night. Night all!


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