Wednesday, January 02, 2019

We decide today we will gamble on the strip. I’m very cheap but in honour of my Mum who loved to gamble we sit down at a $1 slot machine at Casino Royale.

Our big time gambling limit is $20 a day, by then we’ve normally lost interest.  The machine we select has a Spin to Win wheel, $18 with little return, last 2 bucks YAHOO a spin comes up, spin, spin, spin  WIN $500. Cash out immediately!! Such fun winning.

Tonight’s show, Paranormal – Mind Reading Magic.  Frederic Da Silva is truly amazing. He calls people to stage by randomly throwing 3 Frisbees in the audience the 3 catchers then through them.

Allan caught one! Allan on stage really stole the show 😊

A must see show when in Vegas.  It was our favourite of the 3 we saw this trip.

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