What an adventure, not all are good! May 16, 2024

Wake up to a beautiful sunriseWe leave for our next destination, Glendive, MT, at 935a.  First stop fuel and top us DEF at Exxon in Chinook about 20 minutes out.   WOW diesel prices…   

On the road again, just so happy to be on the road again when… Bailey starts losing  power, we slow more and more.  We are in the dreaded  “Limp Mode” We tried to make it to a safe spot but this is where we ended up.  Half way in the east bound lane on a 2 lane highway.

Allan sets up our triangles, they worked for a bit but then got too windy to use them.

Allan on the phone with CoachNet , 11.10a   

Vehicles whipping by = Bailey is rocking.  It is a little intimidating, they are so close.  CoachNet did say they will contact Montana Highway Patrol as we are stuck on an active highway.   (Spoiler alert = they never did show up, the one time you want to see a cop)

  What do you while waiting for a tow?  King’s Crib!

We also cancelled the next 3 RV Park bookings, of course of there is no such thing as a full refund.

CoachNet is good in staying in touch while attempting to find a tow and a place to tow to.  Several calls to say they haven’t found either yet.

Then good news one!!  Cliff’s Towing from Shelby but he will be 4-5 hours. That makes his arrival time between 4 & 5p  Bad news, they are towing us to the closest Freightliner dealer in Great Falls, I-State Truck Center.  2-1/2 hours back the way we came. CoachNet tells us they will not be able to look at Bailey till Monday.

Cliff arrives at 419p     

The loading begins….      

Loading complete at 448p

Off we go   

We are taking the direct route and will get to I-State ahead of Cliff.  We need a spot next to a light standard so we can plug in to keep the fridge going.  Cliff needed to get a permit to flatbed because of Bailey’s height and weight.  DOT has select routes to travel which include weigh stations.

      We arrived @ 754p

The wait for Bailey begins.  We wait and wait… finally she pulls in 955p 

Turns out the stop at the weigh station didn’t go so well.  Cliff was overweight so got a chewing out, a fine and had to buy a new permit.

The unload begins….


It goes alright until…  Bailey’s nose is stuck

Cliff tries this and that, that and his.  Finally he comes up with putting wood blocks under Bailey to elevate her.            That worked!   1110p Bailey is off!

1134p Finally dinner time, Caesar Salad   

It’s a little cramped, can’t open the slides because Bailey doesn’t start.  At least we could put out the bedroom slide.

May 17th:   Bailey waiting to be diagnosed & repaired

A tech hooked Bailey to his computer to see if it was an easy fix.  We all  know that answer; Bailey needs to get into the shop but it’s full and doesn’t sound like she’ll make it there today.  He thinks it may need a ECM for the DEF system and of course they don’t have one in stock and won’t order cause it may be something else.

YES, we are still having FUN!!

6 thoughts on “What an adventure, not all are good! May 16, 2024”

  1. When I saw your FB post I knew something was up.
    I have never seen a motorhome on a flatbed.
    I really hope the repair goes well and won’t be as costly as you think.
    Thank goodness for Coachnet!

    1. It was cool to see except for the take her off part. That was pretty stressful but ended up OK.

      Thanks for your good wishes and support 🙂

  2. I guess Kings Crib will get a busy weekend.
    Got enough food and wine on board?
    Me time we stayed inHelena for three days because of snow storms. We went down the street each day to fuel up the propane or whatever it was to keep us warm. We played crib and kept score on paper as we had no board and there wasn’t any at the Walmart where we were staying. Enjoy. That’s all you can do. ❤️

    1. Yes, King’s Crib will! So glad we remembered to bring it.

      We are good for food & bevvies 🙂

      We are going to make the best of it and explore Great Falls. Do they even have falls, we will figure that out 🙂

      Thanks for reading

  3. Wow, so sorry to read this, what a way to start out.
    I thought I saw blocks in front when she was loaded?
    I’ve only had a similar adventure, but it was only my Silverado when the whole electrical system decided to leave the planet. No point in sharing the whole story, I have good neighbors who helped me out. The next day the shop couldn’t find anything wrong. Go figure.
    Good thing I had road service.
    Best wishes, I hope you get on the road soon.

    1. There were many blocks involved to get her loaded. Off loading was so challenging as Bailey lost all her air. She is too low to the ground now for a mechanic to crawl under. We are still waiting for a bay.

      Feels like we’re never getting fixed.

      Thanks for reading and your comment 🙂

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