What we learned crossing the US border, October 10, 2022…

Approaching the border…

When we crossed in August we declared we had chicken, steak, pork, eggs, tomatoes, on board and were waved through.

Why aren’t people using this lane. We must as an RV but cars are also permitted.

Knowing we had no issues crossing in August, we stocked up at Costco. We have unopened bag of frozen chicken breasts, an unopened 30 pack of eggs, butcher deliciously flavoured, stuffed, bacon wrapped chicken breasts, steak, pork, lettuce, a lemon, tomatoes, jalapeño …

What did Border Control take today? All chicken, eggs, (chicken/eggs can be taken if cooked/boiled), lemon, jalapeños. Had we not been permitted these items in August we would have know better on this visit. According to today’s, super sweet border guy, they felt bad taking so much, the ban has been in effect for 5 months.

Anyone wondering about alcohol??

No issues take what you want to drink.  You must declare it though.

Get much of it is cheaper in the US but Hubby loves Faxe Amber beer, for me it’s Bodacious Bourbon Barrel Aged Red

From the TTB “There is no federal limit on the amount of alcohol someone may import into the U.S. for personal use, however, large quantities might raise the suspicion that the importation is for commercial purposes, and a CBP Officer could require you to obtain an Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) import license before releasing it.”    https://www.ttb.gov/

For those in doubt we confirmed us Canadians are permitted to be in the US for 180 of the previous 365 days; not a calendar year.

An hour delay in and out of the customs office, being read the riot act, but we are off…

Hello Sumas

First US stop

Same spot we had last time was waiting for us!

First US meal (hum didn’t we do this in August 🙂

Yummy delicious!

Should have just walked by, not winning tonight. We all know these casinos were not built on winners!

Good night

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