Sad Day, October 12, 2023 & +

Slide out to make it easier to empty Bailey for storage because…

This is the first year we’ve had to winterize. Bailey has either been stored down south or we were in her.  I’m a little sad but anxious to experience what Winter will bring.

Even our bunny is sad for us   

We brought Bailey home…

           to have a pee! 

Just emptying her fresh water tank

At Back Country RV to be winterized.  We left Bob at the storage place to hold our spot as it’s first come, first service and we didn’t want to lose our “snug” spot.

Our bus ride downtown to explore for the day waiting for Bailey to be done.

.     Wish the weather was nicer.

The day passed quicker than we thought it would, we had a nice brunch, walked around a bit freezing then it was time to bus back to get Bailey.  Here she is stored for the season.

It’s a little mushy  🙁         

Even the weather showed it’s displeasure in storing Bailey.  It went from no fog to this by the time we got home.  It should look like the photo on the right,

Oct 13th:    2nd batch of firewood delivery day!  Good for another 3 months-ish

Totally fun, jaw hurts from laughing show!  The Comic Strippers!!

Oct 15th – Today’s project:  Winterize the yard.

First matter of business is protecting Allan’s cow seeds!  They made little progress this summer but Irma did warn it could take years.  Hopefully putting them in an incubator for the winter will speed things up.​

These shrubs are encroaching on our hot tub so they had to go.  We’ll hopefully find plants next year that just grow up and not over.  Any ideas??

Tonight’s show… not sure what to expect is Vampire Circus.  Not sure what to expect because I didn’t check out their website first, wanting to be surprised. 

To quote Allan “Watching The Vampire Circus. Not your regular circus, not your regular vampires. A very different show for sure.”

In parting…..