End of week 1 in Rosedale, September 30, 2022

Sep 26th – Bridal Falls but first a quick trip to Agassiz for produce.

We get to duck our #63

We’ve had a few “oh shit” moments in which the door doesn’t want to open. Door adjustment time!

The falls were a bit timid and the creek around it bare, still nice to see

Rewards!! Well deserved, the hike up was brutal, up, up and more up

Fire time!

Sep 27th – Cultus Lake, hazy smoky. Lunch will be a meet up wirh friends

Would you like to live here?

Do you think they may be slightly overpriced to be on the market this long?. 175 days. 106 days, 42 days

Meet Mags & Steve. A super fun couple, we had many laughs

Home to another fire!

Sep 28th – A trip to Chilliwack. Unfortunaly it was a dreary day but most have been sun filled so not totally complaining. Not many photos…

Sep 29th – Abbotsford

Today’s mission! BCAA to renew Bailey’s insurance. We were a little leery of the renewal cost because of the windshield replacement and subsequent chip repair. Pleasantly surprised it went down pennies 🙂.

Time to celebrate before doing a Costco run

Fire time!!

Sep 30th – Take 2: another walk around the falls


Reward time! Spot them??

Chef Allan! On the menu tonight… Chicken parmesan with spaghetti marinara, requires just a few dishes…

Requires a few dishes!

Hats off to the Chef!! Super delicious! Not trading you in any time soon!!!

The clean up!! I’m up!!!

Only 3 things can’t fit in the dishwasher drawer

Fire time!!

So ends September!

Moving Day, September 23, 2022

Eagle Wind RV to Camperland RV Resort in Rosedale, a whopping 54 minute drive.

We’re hyped as the fire ban was lifted. Allan has not lost his fire building abilities 🙂 Doesn’t that look say “YEP! I still got it!!” I love that face!

We bought firewood from the park, $10 a bundle of 6 scrawny bundle of 6. that lasts about 1-1/2 fires. We’re here for 2 weeks so FB Marketplace to the rescue. A barrel full for $20.

September 25th adventure = new fire wood.

Off we go, this is a part of the route we will be on for our next Bailey campground. Didn’t realize we would be on a super long, just under 2km, narrow bridge. Allan is not a fan when in Bailey. Notice the smoke is still in the air. Up

The Agassiz-Rosedale Bridge is a cantilever truss bridge carrying two lanes of BC Highway 9 across the Fraser River just south of Agassiz. The bridge was completed in 1956, replacing the Agassiz-Rosedale Ferry.

Up the mountain we go

The view from the almost top

$20 well spent! It’s our first birch, hoping it’s the best yet 🙂

Work is never done! The door sticks, we’ve had a few “oh shit” will it open moments. Allan is getting it fixed, we hope

Fire time!! Did good with this purchase 🙂

Good night!

It’s RWD (replace washer/dryer) Day, September 20, 2022

The washer died, it still cycled correctly but with no water. Could have likely gotten away with a water pump but by the time they removed, replaced we figured it wasn’t worthwhile. The dryer works but WOW is it loud. We thought once they have the cabinetry around one of them removed we may as well do both.

The old units. The dryer was super duper noisy, hoping the new one isn’t

We’re here

They estimate 2-4 hours for the install so we walk to a industrial area diner. Cookies Diner We had delicious skillet breakfasts. Allan’s had perogies in it 🙂

It is a 1/2 hour walk to Cookies, that makes 1/2 h back. And you thought math wasn’t my strong suit!! We return to Adventure to find both units out…

New ones in. Just having trouble connecting the dryer vent due to so little space.

Three hours and they are in. We’ve testing before heading out.

The washer isn’t working. A learning curve. Allan is RTFM (reading the f&*%$ing manual! Got it figured out, working

On to the dryer.. not working. Turns out installer error got that figured out as well.

Pro Tip: Do not leave installation of anything until you verify it is working!

Notice the old dryer was rated at 394, the new at 235 kHw.. bonus

Next stop, LP. It’s been at least a year since ww last filled it up, we cooked lots indoosr during the winter on the Island. Last fill up was $11.00, we must be due. There is a convenient filler up station and here we are

This is over a year’s propane use. Our tank is 30 US G this translates to a rare “there was noting to worry about”

Back at the park at 245p. Time to chill then heat up in the hot tub

Campbell River Regional Park, September 19, 2022

Off we go

Love us our hikes cause they result in lots of steps and rewards!

Fossilized dinosaus? Otherwise have no clue what this is

Us race fans stumble upon the Langley Historic Speedway!! 🙂

Langley Speedway was a 1/4-mile paved oval track used for stock car racing located in Langley, British Columbia. The track opened on June 13, 1965, and closed in 1984.

In it’s glory days!

Now, no stands and huge trees which would be unforgiving

What’s missing from this adventure??

Boohoo for us!

Derby Reach Park, Langley September 18, 2022

Day 2 of waking up and having to start the fireplace to heat us up. It will be downhill now.

It did turn into a beautiful day for a hike.

Back to bear warnings. Been a bit since we saw one of those.

We enbark on the Fort to Fort trail

Cow crossing

Off we go

Much of the walk is adjacent to the Fraser River

This monster home if next to the trail. Pretty nice just can’t figure out what the structure behind it is? Maybe they have a kazillion vehicles?

One of our favourite times. Who’s shadow is that lurking in wait??

We do deserve our rewards

It’s always a great day when the smoke is not hiding the mountains

What is it? We pass many of these in different rivers, what’s it for?

Home we go for dinner and yet another hot tub, we’re loving the hot tub here

Day trip, Langley City – September 14, 2022

We’re ready for a pedi – great find Emma V. Nail Art. Best pedi I’ve had and I’m old! Allan agreed with the pedi not the old part. Or did he?? At $35 it was the cheapest pedi we’ve had in forever 🙂 It took over an hour, she used a cheese grater, hot rocks and hits – we loved it!!!

Next stop, 400m away, Cascades Casino We got a Players Card, cause we’re such players! They loaded a free $10 to the card for joining. Off we go to find what machine we want to play. We want it to have the ability to win a spin of the top wheel. Here we are at the Pac Man machine. It ate my $10 too quickly, Allan did well!

Smile almost as big as finding a great tasting amber beer 🙂 $30.03 win on the casino’s dime.

We enter downtown

they were decorating for Christmas, lights, balls, etc. Why? It’s not even Hallowe’en yet! Should have snapped a photo. On we go… Snow

Now we get it, they are filming a Christmas movie. Googled, can’t figure out which one. Should have asked.

Day trip, Vancouver BC, September 13, 2022

An hour-ish drive brings us to Vancouver. A first for Allan 🙂 Even in Bob, he’s not a tunnel fan

Here we are. Sad to still see the smoke.

Looks better from this angle, see the mountain on the right?

I planned our day starting at Crab Park. Thought we’d walk around the park, so sad but we’ve been seeing many encampments.


It’s a little beautiful

The nicer part of China Town

Lunch/Dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Yum Yum. From start to end 🙂

The record store. Never knew there were so many genres of music

Back to BC we go! September 09, 2022

But first a bit of time gambling yesterday’s winnings. $20 for each of us, yep we continue to be BIG gamblers.

We were doing OK, until we weren’t. Reminds me of my first flight to Las Vegas, I was young and so excited to be there. A woman behind me when disembarking said “Sweetheart, you’ll see glitz and glamous, fabulous casinos just remember none of it was built on winners”. I think that everytime I enter a casino!

We left happy, ahead in winnings! Such fun, hope to return.

Before leaving we Duck, number 62, in Tulalip Casino parking lot. It’s a little cramped.

And we’re off back to BC. The drive is 1-1/2, we’ll be back in no time.

Challenging to know what lane to take, Vehicles (normally not wide enough), Nexus we have a card can we take that one. The one that makes the most sense, size wise is trucks. We opted for Vehicles. A little wiggle, giggle to get in, Allan does it! The only car in front of us, chatting with customs is there, for what feels like forever. Not usually a good sign even though we do follow all the rules, we’d prefer them not to enter Bailey.

As we are waiting the sign says “ArriveCan completed” WHOOPS Nope, we thought we didn’t need that anymore.

The Custom’s Officer asked us the normal questions including the ArriveCan. Nope we don’t. “Are you at least vacinated with 2 shots?” He’s huddling in his booth for, again what feels like way too long. He returms and says “I completed the ArriveCan for you but can only do so one time”. What a gem! Off we go, back in BC are we!

Eagle Nest RV Resort, we’re here! Sites are a little close but there are hedges between them so you do have privacy.

Loving they have a hot tub! Not so much a fan of the NO drinks. For once we’re rule breakers!

Goodbye Portland, Hello Tulalip WA September 07, 2022

One side of the bridge is Oregon, seems to be the land of encampments, cross to Washington, there are none!  Hello Washington!

Repainting the outer white line

Tacoma Dome


Allan doesn’t like tunnels, nor the narrower than most highways lanes in this area

Almost there, another accident

We were worried Tulalip Resort Casino’s RV area would be full but we’re good.                       Lots of available spots

A bit of gambling       

Sadly the $401.95 wasn’t our win, but this machine did pay us as well…

We ended up walking away with YAHOO!!   $15 more than when we started!!!