London Bridge, October 30, 2022

Our day to explore Lake Havasu and London Bridge. Thanks to Shelly for telling us to stop in here, we had no idea!

No driving today, so indulging in a souped up coffee 🙂

As seen on the Island Trail, PWC Capital

We’re about 1/2h walk to the bridge.

Allan was in London in 1972, he missed seeing the bridge there

Why is the London Bridge here? Here’s the interesting story

Locks, locks, locks!! Lover’s Locks: Lovers buy a lock, write their names on it, throw the key in the channel. This means, we will stay together forever!

Wonder how many are still together

The Village beneath the bridge

The current happy, Defender of London Bridge

Bun & a brew time

Chuckled at this sign

If we had such a sign it would read!

Las Vegas, day 2, October 28, 2022

John our rep at Velocity said we’d be good to go about 11. We walked the strip looking for breakfast but there were huge lineups. What does Casino Royal offer for breakfast? Subway, they do have a breakfast sub but we opted for a meatball sub that was good. We each doubled our $20 & cashed out. Walk back to get Bob, arrive at Velocity.

1108a: Renaldo, our tech is still at it

1242p: We’re so excited, Bailey is on the move. Nope, not done yet. Now waiting for Quality Control to do a road test

126p: Still waiting for the road test

149p: Back from the test drive. Bailey passed!! 🙂

151p: While waiting & waiting we went into their store and found a spring clip we’ve been looking for to replace ours that broke. Found it here for a mere 2.09, we bought an extra. Allan has it installed 🙂 John is at lunch so Allan hooks Bob up while we are waiting for him to return

Today’s delay was the engine error OC55, we’ve been getting. Turns out it’s the engine speed sensor. That replacement caused today’s delay.

243p: On the road again, finally. It’s been a long, stressful but fun two days

259p: We feel their pain! They are on a busy highway and have a safety vehicle. We only had a Sherriff drive by to ensure we were OK. My bet..they will not be waiting 7 hours for a tow

So nice to be on our way…

327p: Here we our, our home State for a few months. Maybe…

544p: Made it!

From the time we arrived…

To the time we were connected…

612p: Gets dark really quick!

Las Vegas, October 27, 2022

656a: On our way to Velocity Truck Center to see how Bailey is doing

Her bum is still open, likely not a good sign

Pop inside for this view

Back in the parking garage cool, empty spots lights show as green, parked as red

Off to dinner

Dinner done we head to our favourite casino, Casino Royale (just learned it is a Best Western, never stayed here just played). Last time we were here in 2019 we won $500. Please don’t let us down

Yahoo! Still our favourite casino!! Helps offset our hotel bills. Sadly the resort doesn’t offer a credit for our 2 no-show nights.

Another travel day, or is it?! October 26, 2022

Today’s drive from Moapa to Lake Havesu is about 3-1/2h, circle check done, head down the street to hook up Bob. Off we go…

Not so FAST… Allan abruptly pulls over saying we’re too hot! The serpentine belt is no longer in one piece, there it is on the ground and fluid is leaking.

Allan on the phone with Coach Net, our road side protection folks

First time we had to use our triangles. Allan suited up, with his, free to him from 407 ETR when we got their transponder. At least we are safely off the road.

RECAP of the day

944a:   Breakdown. Dash lights going nuts, stop! Serpentine belt not serpentining

951a: Allan calling Coach Net, road side assistance

426p:   Tow truck arrives, happy but it’s 2h earlier than they said it would arrive (a 7ish hour wait) We had just started making dinner, no small feat with all the slides in, I rush to put the cooking chicken pieces and condiments away.           


Meet Peter, our very cool, totally dry humored, tow truck driver

445p: Getting closer to being hooked

446p: Flying a bit

448p: Trying to hook up air from the tow to Bailey so it will be a smoother tow. Not going so well!

A Winnebago/FB friend, Scott, helped us through many challenges today with his insight. On we go..

510p: More than one way to skin a cat! What doesn’t work in the front will work in the back. Allan is tossing the airline to Peter, success after the fifth toss

517p: Got the air ride funneled from the back. Tying it up on the front

520p: Peter wants us on the other side of the road to finish the hook up so off we go. Bailey’s first tow

523p: On the other side of the road

528p: Almost ready to go

539p: Removing axel for tow

552p: Lights on

606p: (approx 1-1/2 to hook up) we are on our way

706p: At Volocity Freightliner

721p: Peter unhooking

933p: Booked a room at Luxor, Las Vegas. We stayed there after we married almost 28 years ago. It was a little nicer then but the food was good

A stressful day comes to an end! Goodnight all!

Megan’s Birthday & Valley of Fire Day, October 25, 2022

Sending big love to our DIL!

Good morning!

The very wavy, bumpy road in to Valley of Fire State Park

These birds were on the wire when we left and also when we returned. Seems birds lives are a little boring.

Love cactus

Day trips, we did the 1/2 day. Stay tuned here comes the pictorial portion

Well deserved “REWARDS” This trail was certainly not easy!

Yes, I took tons of photos, these are the ones I kept

If you are in the area, Valley of Fire State Park is a must see!! Mother Nature is truly magnificent!!

Super happpy we didn’t think Bailey should be with us!

Travel day, October 24, 2022

Wendover was good, the KOA was OK, (a gravel parking lot) but boy that wind. When we left at 915a it was -2c. Certainly time to move further south.

We see a few snowy vehicles, don’t want to head where they came from! Keep the snow on the mountains where it looks pretty

Haven’t seen any of these yet

We have seen several herds of wild horses. So difficult to get a photo. These are the best I could get. The dark spots are the horses

More snow. The plan was not to see any snow!!

Within a few miles, no more snow. Yahoo!!

We wanted to stay in Vegas but they were booked solid 🙁

Rocky!! We wave to Class A’s, this couple waved back. We have more success waving at Class A’s than Jeeps

The drive in

Whoops just a little bit turtled, fun after a day of driving. Just a little bit scary as I hate to unhook on a hill. While I was securing another place to park Allan had freed Bailey. This BW is on a hill, just happy it isn’t a busy street. Not a repeat for us! A 5ers made it in easily

Our new spot

This is their plan b when you can’t make the dip

We were supposed to be in this section

My view!

Courtesy of my friend, Elaine!

What a change! October 22/23, 2022

These 2 days have been rather challenging. The wind is relentless with gusts over 60k, the awning toppers are going nuts. I’ve had my fill. I’m hoping the drive tomorrow will take us to better conditions. Also hoping the toppers are still in one piece and that we’ll be able to retract the slides.

We did have fun at the various casinos, Peppermill is our favourite! By now though, we are casinoed out!

We ventured out, daring this sky to let loose

This is where Nevada meets Utah. Allan is standing on the border, hanging on to his hat. Oh the wind!! Nevada to the left, Utah the right.

It was just too windy to walk back. We hopped a casino shuttle. This driver was hilarious!

The sky did clear up for a bit, but not the wind. The snow on these mountains was not there when we arrived.

Time to head further south.

Bonneville Salt Flats, Wendover, UT  October 21, 2022

The road in

This is where the world land speed was set on October 23, 1970… 630.389mph/1014.52km/h.

Click here to see other super fast times, schroll down on the page.

Salt flats as far as the eye can see

Bob says “Take me on the flats and I’ll offer you rewards!” Who can resist. We’re off!

Reward time, though we really don’t deserve it yet today at barely 4k steps

Next stop, car wash to remove all the salt

Even though we stomped hard and did a twist trying to remove the salt we weren’t totally successful

Main St time, notice he not only carries a gun but smokes?

The walk down the main street shows us the largest liquor store we’ve seen. Stay tuned on what we return with Bob to buy!

Off to Peppermill Casino. Smoking is permitted, won’t be here long it’s a little smelly. Gambled 20 quit at $34.64 didn’t quite make up Allan’s losses.

What’s your talent!

Today’s destination,  West Wendover, NV October 20, 2022

Alan & Vickie’s”Rancho” Boondockers Welcome was a fabulous stop. It was super easy in & out. They even have hookups if you want to use them, we didn’t. We used the opportunity to exercise our generator. This is a definate repeat spot.

Wake up to…

Alan & Vickie then suprised us with this Idaho gift bag. So sweet of them!

We had decided yesterday to give A&V a bottle of BC wine. We still did but wished we would have beaten them to the gift exchange. Feeling like we did way better, the goody bag even has a potato shaped soap 🙂

We went for a walk and saw these birds. Not sure what the fluffy ducks are really, the others are turkeys.

On the road again, notice Bailey’ reflection in the 5ers window?

Our first rest stop

Home for the next few days

No other photos, Bailey is so embarrassed about her dirty windshield

Flies, OMG the flies are crazy here! Not sure what’s up with that but the swatter is working overtime!