Sunday, March 31, 2019

I thought today was April 1st and Allan was a prankster because my cell is gone, I search ever where to no avail so wake Allan up in a panic. We search and then remember the Find My Friends feature – it shows the cell is at Walmart, off Allan goes. It takes awhile for him to return and my heart continues to race. Allan is back – NO they don’t have it. Now Allan remember he can text me. RELIEF, it’s in Bailey. Finally found! Hiding in the most obvious spot, the couch crevice.

Today’s destination – Diamond Jack’s Casino, Bossier City, LA.

Leave time 748a, 49,444km

We’re excited thinking the Casino will be heaps of fun, hopefully with nightly entertainment. We arrive and set up. The park is much nicer than the Circus Circus RV Park. This one has grass and trees.

We head over to the casino and walk in the door. WOW what a smell, it turns out smoking is still permitted EVERYWHERE! We had considered eating in the casino but no way was that going to happen now. The casino is on 3 floors, we wander the floors, chose our slot machine and quickly lose our $20.

Back to Bailey we go.



Friday, March 29, 2019

We are bringing Bailey back to Ontario for the summer. The best part of this trip is we are going to our first Indy Race in Bailey at Barber Motorsports Park in Leeds, AB. We’ve had these tickets almost as long as we’ve had Bailey and the time is here.

Airport Limo pick up 600a; WestJet to Phoenix leaves at 935, on time. Nice change from our previous Air Canada flights.

Time change is in our favour, we arrive in Phoenix about noon and grab an Uber to Goodyear. So warm, we kind of wish we could stay for a while. All Bailey systems go, we are hoping the jacks are finally fixed. We leave at 1235p; km 48,173 using Hwy I10.

Today’s destination: Deming, AZ. The weather is OK but oh so windy. We learned Arizona & New Mexico are really bad for wind in the Spring.

Scenery: lots of cacti, big rock mountains, smaller hills, lots of dust.

Bailey with the big boys at a rest stop. Dust storm are bad in the area, fortunately we didn’t encounter any of consequence only minor ones at the side of the highway. The photo doesn’t do it justice. Spots are bugs on the windshield.

These are the road side instructions if case of a dust storm.

We had a near miss with a large bird that got caught in a draft, but he managed to pull out on time.

We arrived at Roadrunner RV Park, in Deming about 615p. We set up just beating sundown. No food on board so we decide to eat out then pick up some breakfast food at Walmart about a 20-minute walk, then Uber/Lyft it back with our groceries.

Off we go, it’s really dark as many of the street lights are out. Most of the businesses on this stretch are out of business. How safe is this? Perhaps we should have investigated more but they say do something each day to scare you – this is it for today.

We pass a hotel that has a restaurant, as we approach they flick the sign from Open to Closed. Keep walking, get to Walmart. Eyes and legs do more licensed restaurant searching not a one to be found.

Plan B: Walmart! I say to Allan, based on what we are seeing I doubt Uber/Lyft is here and there isn’t. We limit our purchases as we are walking home. We get a lemon pepper rotisserie chicken and what turns out to be surprising delicious coleslaw. Get breakfast food.

Walk back we encounter a skunk but fortunately it saw us first and headed to the bushes.

Arrive back have a much-needed beer or 2 and have dinner. We get to bed midnight ish.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!




Saturday, March 30, 2019

We awake thinking it’s 8 but it’s really 6. Let’s drink coffee and play with our devices for a bit. We do, then have a delicious breakfast, shower, and pack up.

In the “it’s a small world” the RV next to us is also from Sicard’s. Snowbirds, they have been in the Southern States for 6 month and are now heading back.

Today’s destination is Big Springs, TX, drive time 6-1/2h and we lose an hour entering into Central time. We are boondocking at Walmart RV Resort.

Allan is fed up with AT&T and on his ‘to do’ list for today is head to T-Mobile.

We leave at 935a; km 48,730.

Unlike yesterday, today is not sunny which on a travel day isn’t bad. It’s still as windy, scenery same as yesterday.

Speed limit on many highways in Texas is 80 miles an hour. Our best speed for fuel economy is 65; the norm is to have tractor/trailers whip by us.

Those are Teslas hurrying to be with their new owners.

Allan would love to be here in a Vette.

Their warning…

Imagine! Being sound asleep in the passenger’s seat and be awoken by the driver’s scream and seeing this… 

We make it to Big Springs at 530. Google says there is a T-Mobile in the Walmart so off we trot. Google lies! No T-Mobile in Walmart but the store is a 15 minute walk. So very windy and none too warm. True to our experience they tell us it was 90 deg yesterday. We make it  there and Allan signs up. Next door is a grocery store, H.E.B. we buy some meat, next stop liquor store where Allan finds some Alaskan Amber  he first tried and liked in San Diego.

Feeling guilty that all our food purchases are not from our host, Walmart we head there to purchase the balance of our requirements. Dinner is left over chicken and coleslaw.

It’s a boondocking night.

Tomorrow is another bigger driving day so to bed we go.

Sunday, March 10 – Streets of St. Petersburg

Are we in St. Pete’s, FL?

Sadly, no but it is RACE DAY.  The IndyCar new season begins.

As per our long standing rules, we have until the beginning of the third race to select our favourite driver for this season. The win$?$?  A victory dinner at the restaurant of your choice.

Allan is sticking with his last year’s driver, Alex Rossi of Andretti Autosport.  Alex did win for Allan in 2018.  Allan’s first Indy win in years.

Following Allan photo just one of his own victories 🙂

My last year’s driver was Josef Newgarden  Josef did some amazing racing but he let me down with his attitude last year.

I haven’t decided for sure yet but think I may switch to a rookie driver, Felix  Rosenqvist of Chip Ganassi Racing.

This race was exciting, especially being the first line.  Click here for highlights, brought to you by Motorsport Week.

Top 5 finishers…

  1. Josef Newgarden
  2. Scott Dixon
  3. Will Power
  4. Felix Rosenqvist
  5. Alex Rossi

Next race, March 24 – Circuit Of The Americas – Austin, TX

Tune in!!!

Monday, February 25, 2019

Our sad day, heading back to Goodyear to store Bailey today, flying home at midnight 30.

We say our goodbyes and leave about noon, 47,915km. We keep trying and failing to take our mileage so these random ones don’t really count for much.  Not much of a photo but we are on the road again.

Goodyear, Bailey’s storage town.

We got to Bailey early so we went for a walk then came back and played crib in the slide-in version of Bailey​.

Next adventure begins soon.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Happy Birthday to me!!  Poured most of the day, we aren’t very lucky with the weather.  It normally does not rain and is much warmer.

Dinner at the casino!  We were all too busy eating to take photos then off to gamble a bit!

Allan does the best winning $171 🙂   So much fun winning!!!  I, however blew through my $20 without delay. Our discovery today … The green means the tank is mostly empty.  It does change to orange        and a  dangerous red!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Los Algodones, or Molar City Mexico here we come. This town has over 350 dentists.  Out and about we go.

Wilf getting boots polished

And a delicious Mexican lunch with super wonderful friends  and oh those margaritas  🙂

During lunch Shelly negotiated a deal on toe rings!  She shared, this is my first ever….  Thank you Shelly :))

Walking back across the border.  Allan loves and need to buy this yellow shirt.

Dinner at Lutes Casino, Yuma.  Big eating day.