Kennewick, WA August 30, 2022

Today we tour Kennewick, one of the Tri-Cities. First stop

A hiking here we go

Our least favourite, bridges with no railing. I only took a photo of the first one, more to cross that were more rickity. Turning back was not an option!

It is scenic!

Yep, it’s that time! Half way = “Rewards”

Heading back

It pays to look down something. This fella was enjoying the sunshine

Next stop, Home Depot to get a replacement charcoal chimney. Our’s broke yesterday we hoping this one lasts longer

Next, Rattlesnake Mountain Brewing. Razz Drop for me, Helluva Honey for Allan. Lucked it, it’s $1/taco Tuesday

This vintage car was parked by the brewery.

Next Walmart to stock up on stuff.

Last stop! Back to Bailey to visit yet another KOA laundry mat. The last one was nicer.

We weren’t certain if we should replace the washer & dryer or just have the washer repaired. We found a company to can repair, another who replaces. Now working on timing to see what works out.

Pasco, WA August 29, 2022

We arrived at the Pasco/Tri-Cities KOA yesterday.

No fire pits or chimineas permitted here, ever, as the park is in the city limits. Poop!!

They do have 3 of these propane pits, but it’s not the same they don’t crackle and pop

A trip to downtown Pasco. Didn’t turn out to be as exciting as the website indicated. Several stores offer these dresses. We wonder what events warrant these?

Off to Columbia River waterfront. At the entrance the Miss Tri-City jet boat

It’s beautiful here, note the smoky mountains in the background

Looky, looky what we found, seem to sniff them out. They have 4 beers on tap and one is an Amber. We were meant to find this place. Note the bridge in the far off distance, to the left top of the photo…

Delicious tacos, margaritas and AMBER beer!!

Here we are, 8000 + steps in

Here we are at the bridge. We eally do deserve our rewards!

What a deal! A little more licorishly for our liking but what a price

Our week in Spokane ends today August 28, 2022

We like Spokane but it appears we found the angry gremlins here.

A walk around the park, went well. Big Foot carving, super long bench outside the laundry room

My biggest “I’m not happy” Our awnings died, we called a mobile guy who’s coming tomorrow. Today, our clothes washer died, runs through the cycles just doesn’t send any water into it.

The mobile RV dude comes and can’t fix either issue, $75 please and thank you.

Here we are at the laundry mat… My first ever, yes I’m a little spoiled, when I got my first apartment my Mom bought me an apartment washer/dryer so I wouldn’t have to use the laundry mat..

A Costco trip, why oh why so early? It’s not even Witch Day

We ducked in Spokane, Duck 61

Haven’t won this in a long time

The best part! Although there is a fire ban fires in a chiminea are allowed

Hoping our next KOA park allows them as well

Spokane, August 23, 2022

Day started with the official Joey seasoning!

Seasoning took 3-1/2 hours. Done!

Off to see the city sights.

First stop..

Going down! Was a bumpy slide!! Allan is the trooper!

A nice, clean city with a downtown waterfall

I’m in a, not glass but red slipper!

A give our muscles a break time at Wet Whisle Love her look!

First meal on Joey! Bacon wrapped steak medallions, corn, caesar salad, yummy!

Fire time!! There is a fire ban but fires in a chiminea are OK. Don’t rightly get it but do love it.

So ends our first full day in Spokane County

Finally, back in the States for the Portland Indy race – August 22, 2022 heading there

A lomg 2+ year wait but we’re back in the States 🙂

First stop, a few days in Spokane, at the KOA

Set up then our first stop is Lowes to pick up the newest member of the family! Joey! We are so into charcoal now! All built!!

Tonight’s dinner was on the little fellow, so tune in tomorrow’s for Joey’s seasoning

Hwy 3 Ale Trail, Alberta

Soon after arriving in Medicine Hat, but not soon enough to figure out the trail, we enbarked on the mission of visiting all the breweres on the Ale Trail! A beery adventure!

July =

August = Al

Also in August

Did we make it to all??

We missed two breweries 🙁

Medicine Hat equals our downfall! Boohoo!!

We had fun trying and sampled an assortment of craft beers.

Waterton Lakes National Park August 15, 2022

We were told by several folks that Waterton is the unsung hero of Alberta’s parks and they were certainly correct! “where the mountains meet the prairie”  Entrance to the park/town is $21.00 per vehicle

Downtown waterfront and a view of Prince Of Wales Hotel up yonder way

Main Street, Pat’s is a busy place and these bikes appear to be the favourite rentals.

3D art at the Visitor’s Centre


Our hike to Cameron Falls, not the most impressive but still fun

I’m going in!! Yep those that know me know “no way is that happening”. I did dip a toe, brrrrrrr

The view from the Prince of Wales Hotel to the town at the foot of the mountain

Built in 1926, the hotel still features the what looks to be the original elevator

Glad we came now time for a bite… We would have likely not stopped at this place, probably wouldn’t have even noticed it but our friend said we must. So we did …

Food was the best Mexican since Calgary. Toss up on which was better

End the day with my “Fire God” When we leave here we head back to BC that does have a fire ban. Taking advantage while still here

Today’s walk Pincher Creek Murals August 14, 2022

The Canadian Wind Energy Association regards the Pincher Creek area as one of the nation’s strongest wind power regions. Presently, a total of 8 wind energy projects, consisting of 272 turbines are producing 291.93 mega watts of energy in the Pincher Creek area.

7 murals to see which results in walking around most of town

Sudsy’s Super Wash This mural of the car wash building depicts an antique truck and compares it to the new replacement vehicle – a new semi truck

Finding the Pincers This was first in the Mural Program. The mural is themed after the naming of Pincher Creek. As the story goes, the pincers, a farrier’s tool for trimming horses’ hooves, were lost on the bank of the creek by prospectors heading from Montana to the gold fields in B.C. in 1868. The rusting pincers were found in the creek in 1874 by a North West Mounted Police patrol who then named the location as “Pincher Creek”
The photo would have been better if the sun wasn’t so bright, may have to go back on a cloudy day

Mountain Mill This mural, was completed in 1999 by local artist, Bruce Brady. Pincher Creek had a rich logging history and the mural illustrates the Mill developed in 1879 on
Mill Creek (8 miles west of Pincher Creek). It was used to saw logs and grind grain and was in operation until 1902 when high water destroyed a significant part of the sawmill. A train trestle bridge was nearby. It was 198 feet high and at the time in 1911, the bridge was the longest in Canada.

Downtown in the 40s and 50s This mural created in 2003, depicts a life-like bustling downtown scene from the past, complete with families shopping and window displays

In 2006 Penny Corradine painted scenes on 8 windows on the west side of the historic Legion building as a tribute to the many men and women that served in all the wars and their families. The murals are entitled “War Is Declared”; “The Last Dance”; “The Send-Off”; “The Waiting”; “ More Waiting”; “Homecoming”; “Watching The Parade”; “Those That Did Not Return”

Cattle Drive” This mural of Turner Valley was completed in 1998. It depicts cattle at the turn of the century and the importance of brands to the ranching industry. Each animal
features a brand from local ranches that were registered in the 1903 brand book for the Northwest Territories (Alberta did not become a province until 1905). Over 37 brands were registered in 1903 in Pincher Creek and 17 are still in use 100 years later.

Kootenai Brown This mural completed in 2000 depicts Kootenai Brown and his second
Métis wife Isabelle. Kootenai was the first white man to settle at Waterton Lakes in 1878. He became the superintendent (warden) of Waterton Lakes when it became a Dominion Park in 1911.

Happily the last mural was real close to BP and Rickards Red!

Walking home along Pincher Creek. Most walks we spot this deer with her 2 babies

Walking across the bridge that crosses the creek, we find a lock with our initials 🙂