May Random Photos

May 18th  BOO  Hail     

May 19Drive to the outskirts of Sicamous, this guy hitched a rideStop to enjoy the view.  This drive taught us is route is the faster one to Salmon Arm.

on May 26th


The prairie dogs that had free reign of the mini golf area are now being trapped.  Hope they are being relocated.  We’re sad they were fun to watch.

Whoops – I posted instead of just saving the draft.  Wait there is more! LOL

Here I continue!

A first!  Watch TV on the iPad. We wanted to have a fire & watch the news, iPad hooked up quicker than the TV would. That’s my 🔥 god grabbing a flame!

May 27th – Rain rain go away.  What better way to spend a rainy day?   Nails all done for a bit!

That’s all for now folks!



Sunday May 15, 2021 Race #6 Day IndyRoadCourse

Our first ducking in Sicamous.  Duck #35Back at the park we take a walk.  There is a nice wooded area meant for tent camping.  This is the smasllest park we’ve been in, we walk its entirety in under 15 minutes.  We notice the adjacent campsite has a fire ring with holes on the side which helps the fire breathe, our doesn’t have any holes.  Allan gets to work with the exchange.

The park is home to these cuties, prairie dogs.   

They live under, what was, pre-covid, a mini golf course.

Little fellows standing tall.  🙂

It’s now race time!  Allan hooks up the outdoor TV.

This is my guy!  Josef Newgarden.  GO Josef!!

We’re green!     

Clever advertising!  Conor Daly, the driver, was first diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 14, he is the only known U.S. professional racing driver who competes full-time while living with T1D. 

This is the view looking up from our chairs!

And the winner is!!  Rinus VeeKay!!  Not bad for a 20 year old.

All that really matters though is, Josef came in 4th.  Allan’s driver Colton Herta cam in 13th.  Woohoo my car, on the dash, stays in the lead!!

Next race, May 30,  The 105th Indianapolis 500.  It is the most prestigious race of the series.  Fingers are crossed for a Josef win.

Sunday May 23rd

The bear viewing road (our camp host told us we’d see bears & deer for sure-we still haven’t) we use to get to Sicamous is being repaved, we were delayed on Tuesday.  They have a large chunk to go so we refrained from using. It’s Sunday-they won’t be working.  We were hugely surprised they were done!  Only thing left, paint the centre line.  This would have taken much longer in Ontario.

We have to cross the tracks, trains here are super long. We turn onto a road we’ve never been on before, alternate route to Sicamous perhaps?

May have stuck 🐻 gold! 

Not an alternate route but a great find!

An interesting read about bears in the Shuswap.  I didn’t know about Karelian Bear Dog.  The bears in the tree video (at the end of the write up) are cute, they are certainly comfortable in trees.

Just found WARP (Wildlife Alert Reporting Program) website.  Bears everywhere! Except if you change it to Sicamous, none reported.  It’s fun playing with the locations.

All of BC: Black bears, cougars, wolvesSicamous:  none reported Prince Rupert: only wolf sighting reported

Back to the drive, the road ends at   

Remember Sicamous is Canada’s Houseboat Capital, there are many moured here. I was curious about rates, turns out they range from $800 – $2000/night!!  Rates

  • Damage Deposit – A $5,000 refundable deposit is required upon check-in. The deposit is a hold placed on a credit card or we accept cash. Debit cannot be used for the deposit. The damage deposit cannot be held on multiple credit cards.

Adventure done we head to Sicamous.

Friday May 21, 2021

Our neighbour told us of walking trails nearby so we start the long weekend, walking to Eagle River Nature Park Snow is melted on most of the mountains, then there is this one.  I wonder if it will melt while we are still in the area. Check the trail map, off we trot towards the river.A few feet into the trail … “Ensure the bear is aware you are there”Previous research reveals …

Black Bears: If you are attacked by a black bear, DO NOT PLAY DEAD

  1. Stand your ground.
  2. If it doesn’t notice you, slowly retreat.
  3. Never run – it can trigger an attack.
  4. Don’t climb a tree – black bears can climb trees really well.
  5. Don’t make eye contact – they may see it as a threat.
  6. Use bear spray to ward off the attack if it gets close.
  7. Get loud and aggressive if a black bear approaches.

Brown/Grizzly Bears: If you are attacked by a brown/grizzly bear,  PLAY DEAD

  1. Leave your back pack on  (great we don’t have one)
  2. Lay on your stomach
  3. Clasp your hands behind your neck
  4. Spread your legs to make it harder for the bear to turn you over
  5. Remain still until the bear leaves the area

Based on the sign and the above if we encounter a bear we do not play dead.   Still have to buy bear stray.

        It does look like ideal bear country,  doesn’t help that some rocks resemble bears.  Yep, a little frightened.   We did encounter an other couple walking ahead of us, we affectionately called them “Bear Bait”.  Wish I knew if I was concerned for nothing.

Looks like a beaver worked hard whittling down this stump.Mother Nature does nice work

Made it out alive!!  We do deserve today’s reward!

Salmon Arm May 17, 2021

Salmon Arm is the largest community on Shuswap Lake with a population of approximately 17,100.  Translation it has a Bulk Barn, No Frills and of course Walmart.

Not only do we want to visit but we have errands, (Lordco to returns bulbs that are much too bright, No Frills, Bulk Barn and Walmart for kindling). We’re both up early and on the road by 9.  We skip breakfast, we’re going to have lunch at Barley Station Bonus! They fill growlers.  Allan’s research reveals a brew named “Sixty Five Roses Honey Red Ale“.  Allan is hoping it’s good enough for his growlers!

We get to “duck” at the Bulk Barn   Errands done, off to lunch 

  Magic happens here

🍺 verdict!!  It’s OK, not worth a growler fill  👎

Washroom wisdom 

         Food done now time to explore.  First stop the wharf


Water level in past years

Next stop downtown, as easy walk from the wharf

Not sure what these cherries representBob is on the other side of the tracks!  It’s a fairly long train.

Why people litter like this is beyond me but these guys are enjoying the spoils.

Sight seeing done we go to No Frills where we get to duck 2 Jeeps.   These are #37 & 38.


Shopping done, both Jeeps are still here but the red one’s duck fell off.  Allan to the rescue!    Fallen Duck   Saved Duck

Driving back we stop at Farmer John’s in Grindrod (same little town Allan got his belt repaired)  Allan & Bessie   

They just re-opened for the season on Friday so the shelves are a little bare.  The interesting thing, the cows are milked by robot Google “robot milking cows” it’s rather interesting

Final thought 

Sicamous Lookout May 13, 2021. Turns out it’s “do something today that scares you” day!

We are weird!  We were going to head to the dump cause, isn’t that where bears hang out?  Google tell us “Sicamous Landfill” is closed today, meaning this will not be a 🐻 hang out.

We revamp and head to Sicamous Lookout.

Advenure begins with what else?  A train. 

We keep our eyes peeled, spot zero wildlife.

Off the main road we encounter this warning.   

These are the types of roads Bob is built for but I’m a little concerned about the “Active Hauling”.   Drive starts easy enough even though the road isn’t wide enough to pass an “active hauler” barrelling down the mountain. Maybe this isn’t our best idea!  Not only is the road even more narrow, you can’t see around the corner.This really is the highway to heaven!!  Not pictured is the steep fall off.Look left and see…  Beautiful but not the lookout.  GPS is saying we are still 1k away.

Then seconds later, “You’ve reached your destination on the left” Doesn’t look like a scenic lookout to us, at least it’s wide enough to turn around.We must be so close.  Do we admit defeat?? We decide to walk up the road a bit.  Dirty Snow!This looks like ideal bear country, we’d rather see one while in Bob.  Back to Bob to continue this white knuckle journey.  GPS tells us we are getting further away.  This is nuts!!  We turn around at the next available spot.  When driving up, we past a pickup truck parked on the side of the road.  Turns out he was at the lookout, we were just so focused on driving by safely we didn’t look left.  Not pleased he’s in our photo!    Note the platform:  The lookout was originally a hang gliders platform. It is decommissioned now.This was in 2011, wonder then the platform was decommissioned.   The story here

We drove further down and discover these amazing views, easier to spot going than coming.

Allan and Bob quite the team.


Drive down was nearly, stress free.  Worried for nothing, no “active haulers” today.

Still no bears, deer, cougars-only… 

Safely home and fire time!  Tomorrow a trip to Vernon and the dentist.

May 12, visit Enderby day

We’re on our way to the South Enderby Flea Market (40m drive) to search for sunglasses for me (I broke my favourite pair)   glasses look like they are smiling, me not so muchand, a belt for Allan.   

Recap – Kyle brought back a super cool belt from the Ukraine but it is a little short.  We’ve been trying to find a replacement belt so Allan can, at least, use the buckle.  He’d love to use the belt but losing 25lb to make it fit isn’t in the cards!   Dilemma!!

We drive by this store in the small town of Grindrod    It’s a leather store!!


So glad we did, we meet the most delightful lady, Sherri is one of a kind!   A cottage business we are glad we found and could support.

When we enter “The Leather Lady”.is dealing with another client which gives us time to look around the unique store.  Was to busy looking to do photos! Darn!!

The other customer leaves, our turn.  Allan tells Sherri the issue, as a joke, he says, “I’d like to lenghten the belt”.  “OK” says Sherri! 

OMG Allan was kidding as we didn’t know it was possible….

Sherri jumps into action…..

                    😁  Done Belt is lengthened.   

      Close up   

Inside of belt, can anyone translate?  All we can make out is “Censored”

Allan is happy!!  Now off to Enderby.

We feel like we took a wrong turn and arrived in Mexico.  This wasn’t what we expected, somehow it was more fun.       

Anyone else remember when spices came like this?  Appears only women may use the facilities     

Our purchases: Uno as our existing deck is rather sticky and 3 DVD for $5.00.  Good watching when internet is not at it’s best.

Home we go.  Waiting for me is a new to me, Caesar, Siracha.   Turns out it isn’t as good as Allan’s.  I’ll stick with his.



May 11 2021

A little of a nothing day. Leola, our park host said if we drive to Sicamous via Cambie Solsqua Road we will definately see bear or deer.  We are all over that even though the direct route to Sicamous is 10m and this route is 17m. Bears & Sicamous here we come.      Bears beware, we’re photo happy!

This shot tells it all, no bears, no cougars, no deers…

Delish dinner 

Chicken breast, un-named well named but we don’t know what it is, with Parmesan, cream cheese and spice sauce.

After dinner fire 🙂

Revelstoke, May 10

The drive to Revelstoke is about 45m.  The temperature when we leave is 16, through the mountains it drops to 11.  There is still snow on the mountains, wonder if it ever completely melts.   

There are lots of very long trains that run parallel to the highway.  We’re happy the tracks do not cross the highway.  Forecast didn’t call for rain! Plus side, it is cleaning the windshield from bugs. 

We arrive to clouds but no rain.Revelstoke might be famous for its downhill snowsports now, but once upon a time it was the place to be for ski jumping. Ski jumping was a craze brought to Revelstoke by the Norwegians who settled here in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

We take a walk around town. 

It’s nice but we both agree we like Sicamous better..  

Next stop, Malakwa Suspension Bridge

There is no signage and this is the road in, “How did you find this place?” asks Allan.  Hummm  “Not sure” 🙁 We are now on the other side of the tracks.I’m thinking google maps is taking a page out of Bailey’s GPS by sending us to no-man’s land.  I’d turn around, Allan isn’t ready to give up yet.Alas, what do our eyes behold!!   We now remember neither of us is keen on walking over a suspension bridge.  How sturdy is it?  When was it last serviced?  Should have researched it prior to getting here.  

                     This is us being brave!  Yes it sways!!                                                              Allan was just as brave, I just followed him on the bridge, he took my photo from the beginning of the bridge. 

Did the research when we got back, we could have trusted the bridge.  Perhaps we will return and cross,  we are curious what the building on the other side is.

The train got us!  We waited for about 5m.  So ends another adventure!

Idea of the day!   




May 09, 2021 Mother’s Day

I start the day learning our photo, taken in Canmore, AB won a contest in a FB group.  It will be the cover photo for a month.  Click for the original post and more photos of lovely Canmore. 

 The view out the side window. 

Today’s adventure will be exploring Sicamous, a 10m drive. 

We park on, where else?  Main Street!  It appears it is a requirement to own a boat when you live here.  This townhouse complex has high garage doors to accommendate these vessels.  We follow, what we believe is a water front trail.  Not many boats here yet. Great scenery but it turns into a dead end. 

  We go back, and walk along the shore    It takes more energy to walk in the sand with our runners.  Next up the nature trail.

Frequent wildlife in this area.  I may be taking this, being scared of bears, thing a little too far but I don’t want to die on Mother’s Day.  Back we go.

After Allan clobbered me in Uno he made us a delicious Tik Tok pasta dish.  Then it’s campfire time.

A few weeks ago, Allan jumped ship from iPhone to a Samsung android.  There is a learning curve but he’s getting stuff figured out.   One of the thing the Samsung does better is “live” photos like the one above.  When I post an iPhone live photo it become still, the Samsung’s dance away.